Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Insanity and Intermittent Fasting

Yesterday was the 2nd day of my second round of the Insanity workout program. That program really is quite tough!

On top of that, it was my first day of Intermittent fasting while doing the program. I was a bit nervous! Especially since I'm in the middle of figuring out what's wrong with me (allergies anyway) - and I was surprised that I wasn't shaking or miserable all day because I had done an intense workout without feeding my body before or after.

I wanted to do another little run before eating, but I was unable to because of work and timing.

I also cheated a bit with some candy that I picked up at the Allergy Clinic... but it wasn't enough to affect the fasting from my point of view.

One of the main reasons I 'm doing Intermittent Fasting is because while I don't normally care about food so much (eat to LIVE not live to EAT, etc) when I DO eat I really want to enjoy it and it is amazing how much more I enjoy my food! Plus it gives you more room for error when you are letting your body use up every little bit that's left in there instead of adding new calories and nutrients to process.

I even worked late because I got to work pretty late, and it wasn't a problem at all!

I weighed myself yesterday after Insanity and last night before bed - right now I'm hitting between 162 and 165.

Later today or tomorrow I will post the 'before' pictures that I took yesterday - I'm happy with my progress, but still have QUITE a ways to go.


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