Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Leg!

Thanksgiving morning...


It was SO COLD.

And I wore Vibram Five Fingers to a 5k Turkey Trot.
My toes on the left, my bros on the right
Felt like little stumps of senseless ice stuck there on my little footsies.

Once the race started things warmed up real quick

I was able to keep up with my brothers until the last quarter mile.

BAM asthma attack! I think the Albuterol that I inhaled before the race hindered more than it helped. No more of that.
I was struggling. Still finished with a decent 22:13 and frozen feet.

It's interesting to see that since the Vegas Ragnar my running stamina has really improved. I've been able to run right around 7 minute miles for a while now, but being able to consistently stay at that pace... that's new. My brother in law who runs a LOT more than me has said he's improved a lot since the Vegas Ragnar as well. Maybe it did something!

This was a great family outing - a 5k on Thanksgiving morning with almost my entire original family (i.e. my parents and siblings) minus one sister and one brother, and a bunch of spouses.

I couldn't feel my toes. So I tried using my weird flexibility to warm them up on my face while updating Facebook at the same time. It helped a little!

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