Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daily Exercise Digest Number 3 - Thoughts on I.F.

1 Hour Yoga (F)
10 modified Chin ups (circular, side-to side, slow release)
100 stress-ball squeezes per hand

Thoughts on Intermittent Fasting:
I think it's interesting to talk to people about Fasting - especially on my fast days. Right now in the cubicle next to me are 2 cakes my boss brought in. Carrot Cake and a German Chocolate-type cake. Tempting? Meh. The chocolate one maybe a little, but since I'm allergic to carrots I'm fine without the carrot cake - but really I'm fine with no cake today. People scoff - I recently went to an "Improve Yourself by Making Healthy Choices" Seminar held here at work. One of the things they said was by choosing to eat 3 healthy meals a day, you were going to "age successfully", be healthy etc etc. Sorry but we spend WAY too much time processing food. Food is great. Food is NECESSARY. But NOT in the amount we in the Western World consume it and obsess over it. Sorry.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Daily Exercise Digest - with Shoulder Care Links

Done Today:
10 Pullups
3 mile run, around 8:30 pace First run in my new shoes Merrell Barefoot True Glove
10 Chinups
50 Stressball squeezes each hand (with 10 second squeeze at end - not hard but feels good!)
20 Ab Rollouts
50 Pushups - I need to do these more I am a wimp right now!!

Shoulder issues are something a lot of people deal with -  My right shoulder has improved a lot since I injured it in a freak arm wrestling accident with my younger brother-in-law (freakish in that he was a monster at the time and about ripped my shoulder out of it's socket!) but it still gives me pain. Strangely I think it hurts most when I'm doing the hula hoop on Wii Fit. Weird!

Jason Ferruggia's tips for Healthier Shoulders:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Some of this advice is way beyond what most people need - definitely more for people who do a lot of lifting - BUT I think you can definitely find something in these posts to improve your shoulders and keep them safe!

My new shoes!

Above Amazon links are Associates links - you buy something there I get a tiny bit of money - I don't get anything from Ferruggia except good fitness info - and you can too!
**End Note**

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daily Exercise Digest

I've decided I need to track what I am doing daily or most days as motivation to push myself more.

Today I have done: ((F) means in a fasted state)
1 Hour of Yoga (F)
1 Muscle-up Attempt (F) (too slow and the work pull-up bar isn't great for that!)
10 Parallel-grip pullups

Also I wanted to share an update on using the ab roller. This video shows correct posture for maximum results and injury avoidance:

I think I've been doing it basically correct, but I can definitely improve!

Also as another note - my 2 'big' fitness goals are really NOT very important in actual fitness.

You can get as much or more from good, consistent, proper kneeling ab rolls and pullups and chin-ups as you may get from the standing ab roll-out or the muscle up. But it's challenging myself to accomplish that higher degree of difficulty - THAT's what I want to accomplish!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ab Roller!

I've wanted one for quite some time so yesterday while shopping with my sons for their sister's birthday present, I bought myself a cheap "Gold's Gym Ab Wheel" from Walmart ($7.77 in store).

My goal is to be able to do them like this gentleman:

Awesome! I can do full extension from the knees and back up - but full from standing is a bit beyond my ability for now. Still - I did better than expected so that's good right?

Muscles ups are still my top goal - but this one is right next to it!