Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daily Exercise Digest

I've decided I need to track what I am doing daily or most days as motivation to push myself more.

Today I have done: ((F) means in a fasted state)
1 Hour of Yoga (F)
1 Muscle-up Attempt (F) (too slow and the work pull-up bar isn't great for that!)
10 Parallel-grip pullups

Also I wanted to share an update on using the ab roller. This video shows correct posture for maximum results and injury avoidance:

I think I've been doing it basically correct, but I can definitely improve!

Also as another note - my 2 'big' fitness goals are really NOT very important in actual fitness.

You can get as much or more from good, consistent, proper kneeling ab rolls and pullups and chin-ups as you may get from the standing ab roll-out or the muscle up. But it's challenging myself to accomplish that higher degree of difficulty - THAT's what I want to accomplish!

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