Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daily Exercise Digest 39

  • Birthday party craziness with 20 1-9 year olds (mostly 8 and 9 yrs of age) 
  • 20 pullups - wide grip
  • 10 pullups - close grip
  • 20 chin ups - wide grip
  • 10 chin ups  - close grip
  • Folded laundry - wow what a workout!
  • L sit - Not very long at a time, but 5 times at least 5-10 seconds each :)
Friday, Saturday and Monday (Memorial Day)

  • No official type workouts - but it was a BUSY weekend
  • Worst part was Memorial day spending half the day managing ground water seepage - not enough to be called a flood because we were able to catch and manage it quite well. Hooray for early prevention/action. Bought a $20 'Bucket Head' wet/dry vac that does Great!
  • Considering all the kid-chasing/carrying, etc this was still an exhausting long weekend!
  • Did practice the yoga pose trying to show off for people more - still need to work on a straighter leg!
  • Also did a bunch of random things like curls and ab rollouts because I felt bad for having no 'real' workouts. Although 'REAL' life was happening and it was busy! So that's a decent workout in itself.
  • Now I feel like I'm making excuses. Oh well! MOVING FORWARD!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Daily Exercise Digest 38

  • 10 Wide-grip Pullups
  • 20 Wide-grip Chinups
  • Fire Hydrant to Donkey Kicks - Combined for 20 of each per side (80 movements)
  • Missed Yoga today due to our team interviewing an applicant and having a lunch at Olive Garden - messed up my Fasting today too. Decided to do some Crow and Astavakrasana practice because of that.
All right all right - took a couple pictures of my Astavakrasana Attempts - still need to straighten my legs just a bit more.
Check out that amazing concentration!
Awesome packing messes in the background too!

That's how my sunburn is looking today - slowly getting better!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daily Exercise Digest 37

  • Pseudo Planche Pushups 10
  • "Fire Hydrant" - trying to get rid of those IT band issues by working my glutockular musckles and my hips! Woohoo! (20 each leg)
  • Donkey Kick - Another one to extend the workout a bit (20 each leg) 
Weak workout today - Guess it's more of a rest day while I figure out what to do with my sunburn and how to fix my ITB issues.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Daily Exercise Digest 36

  • Yoga - Good class - with my sunburn being so bad, it really sucked a lot of energy out of me! Sunscreen or SOME sort of protection for me in my next relay for sure! 
  • See how awesome my sunburn looks today!?
  • Yeah it's so bad that the brow-line is swollen a bit. AWESOME. Not really. I'm sure I'll be leaking pus soon - blech!

I will definitely be wearing sunscreen of some sort at the upcoming Ragnar!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Daily Exercise Digest 35

  • 3 sets Curls 10 reps each arm (35 lbs)
  • 2 sets 20 Lunges (70 lbs) - Due to my IT band issues, figured I need to do more glute strengthening- supposedly that helps eliminate the IT band overuse injuries!
  • 50 quick squats no weights

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Daily Exercise Digest 34

  • Running With Ed Relay - Total Relay distance - 41 Miles
  • End of my first leg
    • 1st Leg: 4.2 miles (Official was supposed to be 3.05, but due to a flooded underpass had to run down, so the RK map is accurate)
    • 2nd Leg 6.85 miles (Official says 6.85 so I'm going with that, this one didn't deviate)
 Like usual - didn't really learn from past experience and got sunburned pretty badly! Matches my running shirt-thing from the picture above!

    Friday, May 20, 2011

    Daily Exercise Digest 33

    • Went down to do Crossfit, but the instructor didn't show up and I'm not sure I want to be TOO sore before tomorrow's relay anyway! So I did on my own real quick (while waiting):
      • 8 Barbell curls (80lbs)
      • 20 Dips
      • 10 seated rows (machine 150 lbs) 5 seated rows (machine 205 lbs - form wasn't good so I stopped)
      • 5 pull ups - pull ups are hard after rows!
    • More to come

    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    Daily Exercise Digest 33

    • Yoga (f) - Great yoga session today - no fun no poses, but that's not all Yoga is! Great modified sun salutation that worked everything deeply.
    • Still packing and pre-moving a whole bunch of boxes up to my brothers house so the actual moving is a bit easier. Good workout moving stuff up and down stairs and into our van. Then I get to unload!

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    Daily Exercise Digest 32

    • PM section of A.M. and P.M. Yoga - hilarious because we did it with 6 kids! Also found out doing any sort of yoga in jeans and a long-sleeve shirt isn't that much fun, other than the fun from watching and helping the kids do the right poses.
    • 50 Push ups
    • 25 Pull ups
    • 10 Hammer Curls 35lb each arm
    • Astavakrasana again - That's a difficult, yet simple, and awesome lookin' pose - I'll take pictures soon!
    • 10 dumbbell presses 35lb each arm
    • Hanging L sits - 20 seconds (Hanging from pull up bar)
    • Decided to try the "Wicked Wiper" - was able to do it 4 times each side! Nice!
    One month until the Ragnar Wasatch Back is DONE. I'm looking forward to it! This Saturday I'm going to be running almost 10 miles in a 40 mile relay! Sweet!

      Tuesday, May 17, 2011

      Daily Exercise Digest 31

      • Yoga! (f) Poses of interest:
        • Eight-Angle Pose - Astavakrasana - I've been wanting to do this since I first saw it years ago. My wife and I were amazed by it. It was actually a bit easier than expected, yay! (Although I can definitely still improve!)
        • Everything else was pretty normal - Great Yoga practice today!
      • 5 Pull ups (f)

      Monday, May 16, 2011

      Daily Exercise Digest 30

      • 20 Pull ups
      • 20 Chin ups
      • 160 punches shadow boxing (Jabs, Cross, 50 uppercut)
      •  50 push ups
      Went down to go to cross fit today only to find out the times had changed! Doh! I may be able to do it on Fridays now. We'll see!

      Saturday, May 14, 2011

      Daily Exercise Digest 29

      • 3.92 mile run partially along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail - beautiful run! Slightly uncomfortable from creatine + immodium... yikes!
      • Packing - lugged heavy boxes up and down stairs, into and out of the car, down more stairs, and to their temporary resting place in my brothers basement. Hard workout!
      • Carrying and playing with kids (my children, nieces and nephews) - pushing on swings, etc.
      • 10 per arm curls 35lbs (probably a couple more than that, and they are really big unwieldy weights!)
      • 10 ab roll outs

      Friday, May 13, 2011

      Daily Exercise Digest 29


      • Yoga (f)

        • Tough session today with lots of Chaturanga which was very difficult because of yesterday's push up craziness! I love arm balances - and today, though I was tired and sore already, we did a couple.

        • The first arm balance was fairly simple; you start kneeling, and just lift up onto the blocks with one ankle crossed over the other beneath you. No idea what it's called. It very well could be preparation for,

        • Flying Crow pose

        • (awesome new yoga blog there if you click on the pic, yay!)

        • I had it almost all the way. Tough on my wrists today though, and very difficult in general. In other words - felt GREAT! :) I love accomplishing or coming close to accomplishing these arm balances!

        • Also did Half Moon Pose which is often a challenge!
      *Edit/Update - found this in DRAFT wayyyy later. So posted it back when it should have been posted...

      Wednesday, May 11, 2011

      Daily Exercise Digest 28

      Crossfit again finally (been busy at work so I couldn't make it again until today!)
      • Warm-up 1: Inch-worms across the gym, Lizard Crawl back
      • Warm-up 2: Bear crawl across and back, Crab crawl across and back (did that one in teams, first person goes bear across and back, 2nd person goes bear and back, then crab, crab - we were the first team done woot!)
      • Now for fun - Timed section
      • 50 push ups
      • 10 sprints down and back the basketball court
      • 5 backward sprints down and back
      • 10 more sprints
      • 5 more backward sprints
      • 25 push ups - End of Timed section - did all the above in about 11 minutes 15 seconds. Nice!
      • 4 sets of 8 bent over rows (35 lbs dumbells)
      • 15 V-ups (could have done more but my tailbone was being dumb on the gym floor)
      Not as tough on me as the dirty thirty - but I've been running a lot so the sprints weren't so bad. Great workout though!

      Tuesday, May 10, 2011

      Daily Exercise Digest 27

      • 15 Pull ups
      • Yoga - Warrior III was the most unique pose we did. Felt good. Unfortunately, I did not do it on a weird rock on the beach. That would have been great!
      • 10 Preacher Curls each arm 30 lbs (very light, but I'd just finished yoga so I didn't want to kill the 'zen' feeling too quickly!)

      Monday, May 9, 2011

      Daily Exercise Digest 26

      • 30 pull ups
      • 50 push ups
      • 50 squats (10 while holding a baby just before cool down)
      • 20 Standing to Plank Ab roll-outs
      • 10 Ab roll outs
      • L-sits (15 s, 10 s, 10s)
      • 5 minute cool down trying to get the baby back to sleep :p
      Got some Creatine to try today. We'll see if there are any results from the update picture I did the other day and when this bottle runs out. I'm interested to see what happens!

      Saturday, May 7, 2011

      Daily Exercise Digest 25

      • Because of my allergies - I don't often mow the lawn anymore. I need to just wear a mask and do it. I DID sweep up the mess afterwards, I have no idea how that doesn't bother me as much or more than the actual mowing, but there you have it. We also cleaned out a window well that was very dirty. Push-broom work can be a decent tricep workout!
      • 6.52 mile run - My knee started bugging me about 4 miles into the run. Not good. Need to work on my form.

      Friday, May 6, 2011

      Daily Exercise Digest 24

      • Yoga (f) - I was tired from this weeks other workouts!
        • Poses of Note: Scorpion (not full, but that's a cool pose to work for!), Camel (I think I tweaked my back a bit but it felt so good at the time!), Wild Thing (My upper body was not happy)
      • Also completed a Biometric Screening at work yesterday (for a contest! yay!)
        • Results:
        • Blood Pressure: 111/69 - Normal is below 120/80 so that's good!
        • Total Cholesterol: 204 - 'Desirable' is anything below 200 - Closer!
        • Triglycerides: 116 - Normal is below 150 so I'm really low on that
        • Glucose: 89 - Normal is 70-99
      • Strange day. All I did were about 25 Ab Roll outs and crashed on my bed right after I got home. Didn't feel great!

      Wednesday, May 4, 2011

      Daily Exercise Digest 23

      I've been combining these 'daily' entries a lot lately!
      Oh well!
      As long as I'm documenting what I've been up to and I'm improving and forcing myself to keep working!

      I'm happy.

      It's not like many people are checking out these awesome 'Daily Digest' entries anyway.

      • 3.72 miles pushing a running stroller with 2 adorable little girls (f)
      • Demo a few of the ridiculous Crossfit moves from Monday, could barely do them (f)
      • Attempted some jump-assisted muscle ups on thick playground monkey-bars but could neither jump nor do the dip above the bar once my chest reaches that point. Pretty funny!
      • 10 pullups
      • Insanity Fit Test (Did comparison photos to my Insanity Results from over a year ago. (see below))
        • Exercise - 5/4/11 -  3/10/10
        • Switch Kicks - 150 - 157
        • Power Jacks - 70 - 80
        • Power Knees - 102 - 125
        • Power Jumps - 82 - 85
        • Globe Jumps - 14 - 15
        • Suicide Jumps - 28 - 28
        • Push-up Jacks - 40 - 58
        • Low Plank Obliques - 85 - 124
      • Interesting to see where I'm still tired from Crossfit on Monday! I did especially HORRIBLE at the power-knees, push-up jacks and the low plank obliques!
      Here is a comparison of today and February of 2010:

      Awesome hair today eh? OH YEAH!
      And here's a front flex if you want to compare from today and March 2010 when I first finished Insanity:

      Considering it's been over a year - I'm pretty pleased with where I am. I still have improvements to make, but Yoga, Running, and Intermittent Fasting have been great!

      Monday, May 2, 2011

      Daily Exercise Digest 22

      Last Weekend:
      Had a cleanup project up in the mountains - cleaning out the underbrush and dead growth from the soon to be overflowing streams in the area - this way there won't be as much debris to wash down and clog everything.

      Last day of April and there was a bunch of snow up there. Awesome.

      First experience with Crossfit. Nice workout! We did what is called "The Dirty Thirty" - but if you look this up online you get lots of different possible programs. 10 workouts, 30 reps each.
      Before the dirty thirty, we did an active warmup: 6 laps around the gym, Soldier kicks across the gym, side-lunges across the gym 2 times (each leg), and inch-worm the final length back across the gym. Good warmup!
      Then the Dirty30 starts, we did the following exercises 30 reps each:
      • Broad Jumps
      • Push ups
      • Sit ups
      • Wall Walks (Handstand against the wall, one arm lifting up to your shoulders/arm pits, other arm doing the same, both arms done counts as one)
      • Split Jumps (Switching Lunge jumps basically)
      • Burpees (I HATE burpees! But I love 'em)
      • Superman (lay flat, lift arms and chest and thighs off the ground
      • Dumbbell swings (like a kettlebell swing)
      • Dumbbell squats
      • Pull ups
      Normally Pullups aren't tough at all for me - but after all the others - WOW tough!
      I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow!