Friday, May 13, 2011

Daily Exercise Digest 29


  • Yoga (f)

    • Tough session today with lots of Chaturanga which was very difficult because of yesterday's push up craziness! I love arm balances - and today, though I was tired and sore already, we did a couple.

    • The first arm balance was fairly simple; you start kneeling, and just lift up onto the blocks with one ankle crossed over the other beneath you. No idea what it's called. It very well could be preparation for,

    • Flying Crow pose

    • (awesome new yoga blog there if you click on the pic, yay!)

    • I had it almost all the way. Tough on my wrists today though, and very difficult in general. In other words - felt GREAT! :) I love accomplishing or coming close to accomplishing these arm balances!

    • Also did Half Moon Pose which is often a challenge!
*Edit/Update - found this in DRAFT wayyyy later. So posted it back when it should have been posted...

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