Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daily Exercise Digest 39

  • Birthday party craziness with 20 1-9 year olds (mostly 8 and 9 yrs of age) 
  • 20 pullups - wide grip
  • 10 pullups - close grip
  • 20 chin ups - wide grip
  • 10 chin ups  - close grip
  • Folded laundry - wow what a workout!
  • L sit - Not very long at a time, but 5 times at least 5-10 seconds each :)
Friday, Saturday and Monday (Memorial Day)

  • No official type workouts - but it was a BUSY weekend
  • Worst part was Memorial day spending half the day managing ground water seepage - not enough to be called a flood because we were able to catch and manage it quite well. Hooray for early prevention/action. Bought a $20 'Bucket Head' wet/dry vac that does Great!
  • Considering all the kid-chasing/carrying, etc this was still an exhausting long weekend!
  • Did practice the yoga pose trying to show off for people more - still need to work on a straighter leg!
  • Also did a bunch of random things like curls and ab rollouts because I felt bad for having no 'real' workouts. Although 'REAL' life was happening and it was busy! So that's a decent workout in itself.
  • Now I feel like I'm making excuses. Oh well! MOVING FORWARD!

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