Monday, June 13, 2011

Daily Exercise Digest 45

  • Scottish Festival! Lots of walking around, carrying kids, pushing strollers, relaxing and listening to bagpipes. Fun day! Tired by the end too!
  • L sits at my desk
  • Running around like my head was cut off - had so much to do
  • Missed Yoga because of all that craziness
  • About a 2 Mile run with my beautiful wife (Running lower distances this week to be ready for RAGNAR this weekend!) Halfway:
    • Wall-hop up to the top of a racquetball wall
    • Hand to hand hanging Wall-climb across a few feet of the back wall, (Like going sideways along the wall at the end of a cat leap) followed by a
    • Very poor landing (I barely bent my legs) from the hang
    • 10 pull ups on the playground 
    • then finishing the last half of the run
Beautiful Day today! But SO very long!

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