Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daily Exercise Digest 47

The Ragnar Post was also D.E.D. 46 (yeah I'm grouping days a LOT lately! Doin' it again today woot!) so here's 47!

So this is the Post-Ragnar Post!

Monday was a rest day :) Because of this:

  • 10 Chin-ups - SO tired and those weren't tough strength-wise, but my body was not very happy!
  • 1 Mile run in 6:58 Barefoot - Decided to give my shoes a break, but ran too fast for my feet to handle right now. It's been a while since I've gone barefoot like that. Whoops! Some blister-type pain in multiple places on my foot. Had I been going slower I probably would have been fine, but I was pushing it so I hurt my feet a bit.
  • 3 Sets of 10 Dumbbell curls each arm, 35 lbs
  • 3 L-sit attempts on the foot of my bed for as long as I could go (counted to 7, 20, 15... i.e. WEAK)
  • 10 Standing to plank ab roll outs
  • 10 regular (kneeling) ab roll outs
I've had to miss yoga for like 2 weeks now... No fun! Hopefully the work project I'm working on gets finished soon so I can get back into it as it was really giving me a balance to work around!

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