Monday, June 20, 2011

Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back 2011

Friday and Saturday, June 17 and 18th, 2011 - Awesome Relay with an awesome team, especially my van - my gorgeous wife, 3 brothers, and my brother's wife. SO amazing.
  • 1st Leg (10): 3.9 miles, "Easy" Run
  • Finishing My First Leg
  • 2nd Leg (22): 7.6 mile "HARD" Run
    • There was one guy who said he had to jump over a porcupine on this trail! I enjoyed it though - good run! I DID have to jump over a fair sized stream that had decided to cross the trail! It reminded me a lot of the Leg 24 I did back in the Vegas Ragnar. But the trail here was MUCH better!
      It was COLD! But this is what I wore anyway!
  • 3rd Leg (34): THE RAGNAR leg - 4 Miles "VERY HARD" run. And it was VERY hard. I walked a lot more than I wanted due to the area of my achilles tendon/soleus hurting like crazy if I was going any faster than a brisk walk. MEAN.
  • Just about to finish!
Total Time for our team 32:45:53 (or 'round theres) - Very nice!

Now I can say I conquered the Ragnarrrrr!

Finally done!

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