Monday, July 11, 2011

Done with the Daily Digest, and More Thoughts

As you can tell, the Daily Digest is no longer being recorded.

I've still been working out a lot, just not as tracked as those I put on the daily digest.
It had served its purpose; so I won't be doing them.

As an update on today (ha, since the Daily Digest isn't happening, right?) I finally made it back to Yoga!

MAN it's amazing how much balance a fairly common yoga practice can bring into your life!

AFTER yoga I jumped up on the pull up bar and did 10 wicked wipers, dropped down and was told by a coworker who was hitting the heavy bag "Do you have any idea how insane what you just did is?!" It's nice to be able to do hard things! I did seven more in my jeans to show off how awesome I am to my beautiful wife!

A few days ago I read a great post that fits in line with my exercise philosophies over at Zen to Fitness:

"Activity is Key - Not Exercise"

The article made me think about what my purpose was in recording those daily digests. Mostly it was to make myself exercise daily and for that, it did great! I feel like I've improved to the point that at least for the moment, I don't need them right now.

Every day at work I jump up on my cubicle while talking to coworkers and do dips and L-sits (which is hard because it is a very wide grip). They think I'm weird sure, but I get good movement in all day! Plus they've always known I'm a bit off!

I think one thing to remember when looking at that article is that while Activity is MOST important, it isn't really saying that exercising on its own is BAD. Because I guarantee, as soon as we get our house totally sold and we are moved to the new place, I am going to start an Insanity/P90X hybrid program ASAP. :) Doing that makes me feel more READY for the daily activity. But if I miss a work out, as long as I have been active enough that day, I won't feel like I'm not doing something I should or something I'm supposed to.