Monday, September 12, 2011

The Last Two Months

I haven't been too good about updating my fitness blog since I stopped doing the daily digests...

It was a strange and crazy summer that's for sure! Trying to get ready to move and then having the whole thing fall through is really a pain!!

Some of the sites I am using to track workouts and progress though (and I've meant to write this post for a while - FINALLY getting around to it!) are the following:
  • - While I'm not fully into the full-blown body-building look. The art of building muscle is interesting to me. So I created a profile where I can track my weight and progress in a few different ways. If I ever get around to it I can join the community too!
  • Runkeeper - I've used Runkeeper for quite some time and overall I like it a lot. My only problem with it now is my phone is starting to have issues, so I can't get the GPS to track my run properly. Frustrating, but still amazing that it even exists right? Plus I can always enter it manually and plot my run on the map. Awesome service.
  • Nike + - for those times when Runkeeper doesn't work, I've tried Nike +... it does well when I can get it to work, but it too does all sorts of crazy things and due to my phone it too has issues with the right GPS tracking. I do like the way it handles music better than Runkeeper. Still the login screens take forever so when you are starting a race, it's hard to get it started.
Other than that - I have been doing Yoga VERY consistently (and I feel it in my shoulders when I miss - it really keeps me nice and loose) Running in prep for races, and pull ups, with occasionally other random workouts thrown in. Not horrible, but not a great way to achieve what I want. ALSO in the bad category, I have had WAY too much Sugar and Soda, and I can tell.

Saturday I ran in the Utah Marathon Relay with a team from work. We had 2 teams, the FUN team and the NOT FUN (i.e. FAST) team. Somehow they put me on the fast team! And we did amazing, got 2nd place overall and 1st place overall for the Mixed division. While I WAS the slowest on the fast team (stupid allergies, they've really given me some breathing issues lately) I was still faster than everybody on the 'Fun' team, even if it was only by a minute! Still it was great to run on a winning team. Here's my run. And here's a picture of the whole group!

This weekend I will be running in the Dirty Dash:

That looks like a TON of fun! Again this is with a team from work - I am filling in for a coworker who broke his foot. OUCH! While it will be fun, it is also a bit scary but not because it's a 10k and it will be very dirty, but because my team has a COSTUME. Short Jean Shorts, Bow Tie, Suspenders, Crazy socks if ya got 'em, and that's it!

I guess it's good Halloween preparation! And I always have fun getting into costume!

Finally - today I decided I needed (again) to get into a more intense workout schedule - so I did an Insanity Fit Test, hoping to continue the Insanity program for the 2nd (full) time. I probably won't update daily, but we'll see how it goes!

Here are the fit test results, along with the results of the one I did back in May:

  • Exercise - 5/4/11 -  9/12/11
  • Switch Kicks - 150 -140
  • Power Jacks - 70 -69
  • Power Knees - 102 -107
  • Power Jumps - 82 -81 (Massive Asthma after this one yikes!)
  • Globe Jumps - 14 -18
  • Suicide Jumps - 28 - 26
  • Push-up Jacks - 40 -42
  • Low Plank Obliques - 85 - 114
Not bad, especially since I haven't been doing any of these moves since then!