Friday, February 10, 2012

300 Workout at Crossfit and Peacock

Today at Crossfit was mean.

Especially because last night I decided I needed to do something for a workout... and decided to do a Wimpy Cindy. i.e. 5 rounds of Cindy not timed. I also doubled the last round so 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, and 30 air-squats. Felt great afterwards, but didn't realize what it would affect today!

Enter today's workout: 300 Workout
25 Pull-ups
50 Deadlifts
50 Push-ups
50 Box-Jumps
50 Dumbell Clean and Press
50 Wipe-the-Floors
25 Pull-ups

Warm up before was 10 of everything but the pullups along with 3 rounds of hollow-body rockers to remind us how to hold our core throughout all the exercises.

It took me a ridiculous 27 minutes to complete the workout. My shoulders and back and pecs were exhausted from last night! Still, it was an awesome workout and even my boss said "Um your chest looks huge" after I got back to my desk!

Last night I also took some progress pictures, but also took one of me in Peacock Pose! Next time I'll do it in better shorts... and with a better background! SORRY!

Peacock Pose! Yay!

And of course - though I started with "Crossfit was mean" - what that really means is - it was awesome!

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