Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day! Burpees Anyone?

Yeah.. no... me neither.

Well - maybe I'll do one burpee in celebration of not HAVING to do more than that on this Leap Day!!

Yesterday at yoga was nice because it's been a while since I was able to do a full class - plus I felt pretty strong although there were a few balance snafus. Strong on Astavakrasana and Warrior 3!

Last night I went on a nice 2.5 run up in the mountains - it was great but got COLD in the evening air, even though the sun was still shining. It was starting to set:

Gorgeous sunset over the lake!

Hey look it's me!
Afterwords I worked a bit on straightening higher to a more handstand type peacock - raising my feet to mostly straight from a supported planche - but realized I should probably be a bit more careful because my right wrist is starting to flare up. Might need to break from handstand attempts and balance poses... which is very sad. Throw in a whole bunch of pullups, chinups, L-sit chins, and other randomness and I felt great last night! Hopefully I can continue feeling this good (other than the wrist - maybe find a good brace for a while, also my shoulder is acting up a bit - need more yoga!)

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