Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pre and Post Primal Challenge Pics

We mentioned we were starting a 21 day primal Challenge on the 2nd of January.

That ended a week or so ago and we are continuing with a slightly relaxed Primal Lifestyle (relaxed compared to the 28 day challenge anyway!).

To document I decided to take a before and after of my torso to see what changes came about.

21 days made a pretty good difference! The results are quite visible in my love-handle area - look at how that went down! And due to seasonal and family health issues along with other extended family drama - I didn't even work out as much as I wanted to in that 21 days, so the results here are mostly from diet-based changes. No grains, no sugar, lots of fat and protein! Fantastic!

Next stop - SIX PACK BABY!

I actually lost 6 pounds and want to gain it back - but I want to gain back muscle and keep shedding excess body fat, so it's time to step it up!

Hopefully I'll also get some pictures of the new balance poses I can do now - Flying Crow and Peacock! Next goal is Handstand  - I think Kakes is going to beat me to that one because she is amazing.

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