Friday, February 17, 2012

Trail running and Friday Crossfit

Wednesday evening I decided I needed to go for a run, and decided to run some trails near my house.

Here's what I did:

Downhill running sure is nice if you want to make up the time for going UP the hills. Talk about SLOW!

Today in Crossfit was pretty mean. I was hoping to go outside because it is beautiful out there, but only one of the 7 other people was with me on that... so we had our trash kicked inside instead.

The mindset on Fridays is that we have the weekend to recover... so lets do something ridiculously hard!

Not sure if this has a name, but here's what we did:

7 ring push ups
7 headcutters (40 lb kettlebell - I switched to a 30 after the 4th round!)
7 goblet squats (40 lb kettlebell (same switch...))
7 press ups (7 right, 7 left, same kettlebell)
7 sled pushes (carpet across the court 7 times - thankfully each cross was 1 so it wasn't across and back!)
7 burpees
7 v-ups

Repeat above for 7 rounds!

He added in a time limit of 40 minutes for the entire workout.

I didn't make it.

I had burpees, v-ups and pushups left... and I was really struggling at the end!

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