Thursday, March 15, 2012

The BAIR is Quite a Beast

Bair Canyon

Home of the infamous Bairgutsman 10 mile trail race of ridiculousness...

My brother and I watched the kids while our beautiful wives went on their run, then we headed out to the same place we started last weeks run.

I suggested that we go up the canyon because I've never done it before (my bro ran the race last year - did a good job too! But he is much stronger on trails than I am! Probably most other surfaces as well...)

Bair canyon trail is beautiful, and might be worth hiking up with my kids in the summer. Being that it is mid March there is still snow on parts of the trail, but it was BEAUTIFUL. I even took my shirt off for a minute at 5,400 feet! (side note: Primal Benefit - feeling comfortable stripping my shirt off pretty much anywhere! Okay not ANYWHERE... but in the right situation)

Ended up doing 2.5 miles with a gain of almost 1,000 feet! Yow, my legs are going to feel that in the morning.
As of this moment they are a bit tired, but not as bad as expected, which is a good sign!

Shin-deep in Shnow!

Brothers! Yup - two! er... Peace!

Nice view here... I think I might...

Take off me shirt!!

Normally I look forward to doing a run like that and then Crossfit tomorrow - but because we are having a birthday party for my 7 year old (with his friends) I have to come home early so I'm going to miss it. Gotta think up something else to kick my trash, eh?

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