Friday, March 30, 2012

Biometric Screening 2012

Last year we had a "Prevent Event" contest that we are doing again this year.

Basically they are trying to increase your awareness of your health and gather information for insurance purposes... They will have a drawing for some very nice prizes for people who get a biometric screening or physical, and fill out a health assessment survey through our insurance provider.
Here's last years:

  • 2011 Results:
  • Blood Pressure: 111/69 - Normal is below 120/80 so that's good!
  • Total Cholesterol: 204 - 'Desirable' is anything below 200 - Closer!
  • HDL: 42
  • Triglycerides: 116 - Normal is below 150 so I'm really low on that
  • Glucose: 89 - Normal is 70-99
And this years:
  • 2012 Results
  • Blood Pressure: 111/56
  • Total Cholesterol: 214 - went up a bit! Due to my current diet I'm not that surprised - but I'm not worried
  • HDL - 32 - according to today's science this should be optimally between 40 and 60, so I'm low, and probably not good that I am 10 lower than last year!!
  • Triglycerides: 97 - Dropped even lower. TRG's are the baddest according to some, so that's good that it is down
  • LDL (again gotta find last years results) - 163 - according to CW (conventional wisdom) this should be below 100, so I'm on the HIGH end which supposedly isn't good.
  • Glucose: 90
  • Heart Rate: 62 beats/minute
Overall from what I can tell I haven't changed that much.
My Diastolic Blood Pressure went down a bunch, I have NO idea what that means.
My Total Cholesterol went up which probably isn't good - but "I'm not dead yet!" I need to find last years HDL (*Update: Found*) and LDL (Still need to find) for comparison.
My Triglycerides went way down - that should be good...

My ankle is still recovering so I won't be able to go to Crossfit today. I'm sad about that. However it is doing significantly better today compared to yesterday - so hopefully it won't keep me down too long!

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