Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Fun

Monday we had a new Yoga Teacher. She kept things really simple which is probably a good thing to do occasionally.

I've decided that you really shouldn't (and can't properly) judge a teacher based on your first experience together. You need to try at least 2 or even 3 (and sometimes even more!) before you can really decide whether or not their teaching style meshes with you. As far as Yoga is concerned - I do think you can learn something from just about anybody if you are open to it.

Lots of BEEF this week and I've felt GREAT!

Last night I went for an evening run with my younger crazy trail-running maniac brother.

We only went 3 miles, but the first half mile was very steep up! My legs didn't like that, but as soon as we flattened out and got moving, the next steep spots were a lot more manageable - just that first bit was OUCH!

Here we are halfway through. We don't look THAT much alike but wow can you tell we are brothers?

There was actually a very beautiful sunset over the lake behind us... but you can't even see it! Oh well. Fun run!

I'm supposed to be doing Crossfit today - but the trainer is out of town so if it happens it will be led by some of the other crazies. We'll see what happens!

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