Thursday, March 29, 2012

Looking Forward...

There are quite a few things I am very excited about over the next 7 months.

Unfortunately they are all too far away! (especially the one in 7 months!)

Here they are:
Running with Ed - May 19 - Last Year we had a lot of fun, this time my wife will be joining us! I also look forward to the accompanying week vacation I'm taking at the same time! Also I will try harder to not get fried.
The Dirty Dash - June 2 - Last year I did it with a work team in October - this year I'm slopping through it with my gorgeous wife and whoever else we can get to run with us!
Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay - June 15-16 - Last year we had a family van - 6 people - this year we are trying to field a full team! (but we are also trying to split the team so that another team does 2 van 1's, and we have 2 van 2's...)
Tough Mudder - Oct 13 - I'm really excited to be doing this - but it seems SO far away!! I feel like I need to train most for this one too - as I've already done the others before so I know what to expect. I'm not worried about doing this - but I want to not have to struggle too much during the actual race. Plenty of struggle before!

Waitaminute - I've got a break of almost 4 months between the Wasatch Back and Tough Mudder!?!

Better find something to fill that "void"!

Maybe my employer will do a couple Utah Marathon Relay teams again this year.  That is usually in September... so that still leaves July and August with nothing.

A new interesting race called "Cahoots" will be in town in August...

Another I've tried scaring myself with is the Bairgutsman which is also in August.

Why does everything have to cost so much money!?

Between now and then hopefully I'll be trim enough that I'll look ridiculously ripped if I run shirtless in any of these races...

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