Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekly Trail Runs and Yoga Poses

I missed yoga today because work is getting WAY too busy.

Still was able to get some Yoga pose practice in AFTER our Weekly Ragnar Preparation run! Even got some pictures doing Astavakrasana with my beautiful wife, which I've wanted for a while now.

Ran just over 3 miles with my brother and brother in law - very cool trail right behind his house that eventually makes it up into the mountains near where we've been running lately. My brother has been excited to find it since it's a great starting point rather than driving up to the Baer Canyon trailhead - he can run there in 1.5ish miles - and I know I'd be much more ready for that climb from there after that.

Anyway so afterwards as final dinner preparations (our weekly run involves dinner after, it's great!) were underway, I asked my sister to come take some yoga pictures!
Astavakrasana with my true love!
Eka Pada Koundiyanasana II

Flying Crow (need to fly that back leg a bit more!)

 Too fun. I need to really do Yoga more than I have. 1 time a week isn't enough... I feel like I am no longer progressing.

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