Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So a friend of mine mentioned that his Saturday workout included swinging a 10 lb sledgehammer at an 80 lb Tire 100 times.

I've been wanting a tire for a LONG time so I mentioned I needed a tire to go along with my 16 lb sledgehammer.
He said "I've got a big ole 80 lb tire that is perfect. I picked it up for free from Les Schwab. They let me rummage around their trash trailer."

So on the way home from work I stopped by and asked if I could have some. "Sure take whatever you want from our trailer out back!"

Went back and saw a HUGE tire that wouldn't fit in my car. "Hey can I take this one here on the ground?" "That one won't fit in your car and it's REAL heavy!" "Oh I'll come back for it."

So I grabbed one that BARELY fit in my trunk and rushed home. Took the back seats out, grabbed my wife and 2 of my kids (the other two were at friends) and went and got the monster plus another to match the one I brought home.

OH YEAH! I'm excited!

 Could you tell?

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