Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Only a few days until VACATION and the first RACE!

I am definitely looking forward to a week off. Since we'll be up in Park City I'm hoping I'll get in some runs on  the trails up there, especially since we'll be seeing more of them in one month!

Running with Ed is on Saturday, final lineup will most likely be my younger brother first, then my sister, then my amazing and beautiful wife, then me, then my brother-in-law bringing it home. I'm excited to get up there and run!

So last Monday I ran with my younger brother up Davis Creek - just under 3 miles of tough trails! That's where my new header picture came from. Fantastic weather.

Tuesday the in-laws came for a visit so I showed them our tires in the back yard and did a bunch of box jumps.

Thursday had BJJ again - Learned some good techniques on passing guard... against guys that are 70-80 pounds heavier than me... it doesn't work. I need to put on some weight FAST! Really I need to work on the technique. One guy came from outside with experience, and he was about my size, but he didn't have any issues with the bigger newbies. So gotta work that technique! Friday woke up QUITE sore and bruised from the drilling we did! Fantastic! Thursday night I ran up Baer canyon with by brother in law, had a weird allergic reaction to something on the way up but it cleared out as we turned around. Felt like I could have gone significantly longer, but it was pretty late so we had to get back and eat dinner and get kids to bed!

Friday was crossfit - pretty quick and brutal class:
Warmup - 10 KB clean and jerks, 10 KB Goblet Squats, 10 Pushups - repeat that set 3 times
Round 1: 50 KB Snatches, 1/4 mile run
Round 2: 50 Air Squats, 1/4 mile run
Round 3: 50 KB Snatches, 1/4 mile run
Round 4: 50 Air Squats, 1/4 mile run
Round 5: 50 KB Snatches, 1/4 mile run
Total of 150 Snatches, 100 squats, and 1.25 mile run.

Saturday I was SORE in my shoulders and back. Thanks Crossfit!
Still I ran with my wife and my dad 3.78 miles up in the mountains. Nice little run, and it helped loosen up some of that soreness!

Yesterday Yoga was great, it's interesting to have the old teacher lead the class... she doesn't do much different, but the way she goes about the poses makes even the more simple stuff more challenging. That's a good thing in my mind. I feel like I'm improving even doing simple things. She usually throws in at least one thing a bit more challenging for my sake, yesterday it was Eka Pada Koundayinasana II. The Yoga class started a bit later, so I actually did some weighted rows, pullups, and L-sit pullups before class. Shoulders are still tight from Friday's crossfit!
Last night I ran with the brother-in-law again - 3.6 miles up a fire road and down some motorcycle trails. Even jumped over a snake!
Luckily it was harmless, but still - kind of a rush to be running and "HOLY MOLY THAT'S A SNAKE!" *JUMP!* Ben was impressed with my jump. :)

Tonight I'm hoping to get in SOME sort of run - I might avoid the mountains and just run out on the parkway today - just to get a bit more flat distance since it has been a while. We'll see what happens!

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