Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Over 7 Mile Run, Vacation is DONE

Very Sad.

Also sad I missed watching American Ninja Warrior tonight. I found the midwest prelims online, hopefully I'll be able to see the finals sometime. I definitely love the types of movements they have to do for that! Gets me excited for the tough mudder!

Tonight (I guess last night, ANW keeping me up this late!) for our Memorial Day run, I ran 19.5 miles! Okay not really, but that's what my runkeeper GPS program said at first. After removing the weird points that gave us such distance (and 30 second miles!) we ended up at 7.3 miles. Probably a bit more than that, because it missed a few of the canyons, but GPS devices aren't perfect yet! GREAT run, my wife did awesome!

She is amazing and continuously improving! Go Kakes!

Just above Elephant Rock

Oh yeah - check out those Paintball Bruises!

I tripped right after this... doh!

So Saturday is the Dirty Dash - I guess people are wanting to meet every day this week for running - should be interesting to see how we hold up!
Maybe I can get some help to finally cement my pull up bar posts in... Yeah!

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