Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shin Issues, Overtraining? Devil's Staircase!

So a while back when I twisted my ankle running backwards... (smooth move) it has caused some referral issues in my calf and shin. Basically I can't stretch my shin properly, because I can't move my foot to the full extension. Annoying. Monday Night we ran 7.5 miles, last night I added 3.3 at a decent but slower pace, and my shin starting hurting like MAD. Thankfully I think if I continue to roll it out on a foam roller, I'll be able to minimize the pain and speed up the recovery!

Another thing it could be is just too much running! I've run basically every other day this month! I definitely don't want to do the Dirty Dash with lingering pain or injury. I want to have FUN! Too much training, too much use is NOT a good idea. Rest is GOOD!

I was finally able to watch the Midwest Finals of American Ninja Warrior! They had a Curtain slide thing instead of devil's steps/devil's staircase - but I still want to find a good place like in this video to practice them!

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