Monday, June 4, 2012

Dirty Dash 2012!

Fantastic Fun this year!

This year I had the grand opportunity to run with my wife! We had SO much fun we might even try to put together a team for the Fall Dirty Dash!

None of the obstacles were particularly challenging - not necessarily easy - but not really hard either. Probably the biggest difficulty was in navigating the hordes of people! Some of the lines at obstacles were pretty ridiculous. Still TONS of fun!
Here are LOADS of pictures:
Before the Race with the Altramaniacs!

Team Mud Pirates ready to get dirty!

Um... I think I'll take the Easy route...

Okay fine I took the 'hard' (it wasn't very hard)

Just step over this here...

"Whatcha gonna do, brother?"

Halfway! Beautiful Day!

Astavakrasana on a haybale! That's hard while muddy!

Astavakrasana by the lovely Kakes!

Guy in Red Shirt is really impressed I tell ya.

Monkey Bars are fun

I'm actually pretending to do devil stairs...

Hit the deck!

What a beautiful partner-in-battle!




Successful landing!

Wallowing in the mud

One of my favorite pictures

So much fun, so many people.

My awesome brother - our personal photographer for part of the race

All Done! Just before the shower.

Such a fun race - I wonder what kind of shots the licensed photogs got of us. In some ways I doubt it will matter because we got some amazing pics! Such a fun race.

Makes me even more excited for the Tough Mudder in October.

Less than 2 weeks until Ragnar. I'm going to miss the beard... but I think it WILL be time to shave it.

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