Saturday, June 9, 2012

Official After Picture from the Dirty Dash

So I bought a picture from Flo-Foto, the official race photographers for the Dirty Dash. 
Here it is!

We also decided to enter the Dirty Dash's Facebook Contest to win a free entry to the Fall Race AND a Dirty Dash Hoodie. The top 3 pictures with the most likes would get the entry and the hoodie!

Here are the entries:
My Entry

The Wife's entry
She ended up getting 3rd place, SO close to 2nd, and I got 4th, about ten votes behind 2nd place, which was a great picture of a person lying almost covered in mud. I think it was the stinky warm mud out in the lake too. Very impressive. SO impressive, in fact, that the Dirty Dash people gave them a reward anyway and gave 3rd place to me! So we both got the win. Woot! I'm very excited.

We also decided that we needed to do ANOTHER run up at the same location and very similar for our 11th Anniversary (okay, so more like NEAR our anniversary not really FOR it...)


The cool thing about this one is that the obstacles are made so you HAVE to have a partner to finish. Or in their words:
The Cahoots Duo Challenge is a race series where you and a friend combine wits, strength, strategy and stamina to negotiate a barrage of nearly two dozen unique obstacles and challenges.
Sounds like a blast to me!

So now the schedule is:
Ragnar next week!!
Cahoots in August
Dirty Dash (again yay!) in September
Tough Mudder in October. <- that one is taking too long to get here!

Looks to be a fantastic summer!

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