Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ragnar Wasatch Back 2012

Ragnar is done!

This was a great experience to have with my family.


Clan McRagnar!

I was SO happy to see my beautiful wife improve SO much since last year!

Tired but doing GREAT after our first legs

WOW she looks amazing!

I totaled 21.43 miles this Ragnar, and felt a LOT stronger than all the previous Ragnar Relays.

The only issue I had was a blister on the steep downhill of my final run that held me back just a tiny bit at the end. Nothing to really complain about (or blame!)

My first run was a tough 7.38 mile run up a canyon road that had been closed due to water damage. Sections of the road had basically collapsed and sunk or buckled. Very dangerous for a motorcycle or car to drive along that at night. 2 years ago I did the first half of this road, and I gotta say - by the time I got to where I finished then - I felt AMAZING. So much better than that time. Beautiful run.

In fact, here is a silly little bumpy video of me just after that halfway point - or where I finished 2 years before! Pardon my attempt at a Scottish accent!

My next run was a beautiful 6.8 mile morning run. The sun was shining, the temperature was great, and I was able to try out my new Altra Adam shoes I got for Father's day! I had NO problems with the shoes on that run (you can see them in the picture below) but I ran with them again today and may post a bit more on some problems I found. ANYWAY it was a beautiful run, but I was getting a bit tired by the end!

Proper Kilt-wearing Running Form!

Finally my last leg was a crazy 7.2 mile run up and over a little pass and then DOWN into Park City.
I like Ragnar's Elevation chart on that leg explanation! ZOOM! We went pretty dang fast, but because of that I developed a large blister just below my right big toe - felt like I was trying to run on a tiny and painful water balloon!

I need to improve my end-of-run power...

We finished with a time of 37 hours 19 minutes. Considering half of our team was completely new to running, that's not too bad! I'm a little frustrated by the lack of TRYING by some people, but over all the majority did fantastic. Even my 60 year old father!

A few of our newbies did phenomenally, especially my 12 year old niece and my sister's husband.

I kept my yoga-poses-at-exchanges to a minimum - only doing Mayurasana at the finish

Hey you wouldn't want people looking up your dress right? Same with kilts!

Fantastic experience! However we aren't sure we will try to do it again in the same configuration. I've already had multiple people ask me if I wanted to run this years Vegas Ragnar, which is actually more appealing to me at the moment than next year's Wasatch Back. We'll see what happens!

Next up - CAHOOTS! I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out, and having a REALLY hot partner to run it with!

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