Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another Mueller Park Run!

Around 7.2 miles up and back on Mueller Park. Really pushed it and made it up to Elephant Rock in 37 minutes. I know I could get up there faster eventually, but I am pretty happy with the amount of time it took me to get up there. FLEW down in about 22-24 minutes! Awesome run.

One of the reasons I love the trail running we do is it is FUN. We push it hard and run fast - but we act silly and play around and take fun pictures! (I have a few more that were from Kakes' phone I'll have to put up later!) Here are some from mine!

Astavakrasana above Elephant Rock!

Me and my gorgeous wife

My brother and his wife - Our Running partners!
After the run we played around on my Olympic Rings that I hung in my sister's tree. I might need something higher near my house to hang the rings on - my pull up bar isn't high enough to do some activities!

Kakes practicing L-sits on Rings! HARD!

I really need to stop making weird faces

Then we ate dinner (pulled pork and salad) and I ate WAY too much ice cream. Yum!

After all the workouts I've had this past week - I'm TIRED! My body didn't want me to get out of bed and I was REALLY close to breaking my recently re-instituted "Don't Buy Mt. Dew" rule. So far I still haven't broken the rule. It's very hard today.

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