Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flag Rock Race

Wow what a day!

This morning I ran the Flag Rock run for our city's Festival Days. Last year it was billed as a 10k, but it's really more like 7.2 miles, so people complained and now they just call it the Flag Rock Trail race.

I ended up finishing in 1 hour and 17 minutes, according to the 'official' results - 10th place! However I know there was a person or two ahead of me that didn't show up in the results - so we'll see what my real place was if they ever update that. My brother Matt took a wrong turn RIGHT at the end so he went an extra quarter mile and I finished 10 seconds after him!

A few minutes after finishing with me bro.

Look took me THREE HOURS!

Muscle ups on my new bar have been improving and continuing! It's great! I bought some more cement so I could put the 3rd post in for the shorter kids bar - it should improve the stability of the whole thing!

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