Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flag Rock Run, Crossfit!

Next week there is a Festival in our area that includes a trail 10k up to 'Flag Rock' - so we decided to give the mountain part of it a run. 5.1ish miles, the GPS went VERY wonky so I had to re-plot the map.

The first flag pictures from the previous post were from that run. TOUGH but great trail. We'll see if I even sign up for the official race!

Today at Crossfit we had a tough workout, the trainer thought it deserved a name, and based on some of the conversations we'd been having, we tentatively called it 'The Executive'.
Warmup was a bunch of Kettlebell work with the exercises we were going to do, goblet squats, push presses, snatches, etc. with some running.

"The Executive" Workout:
50 Kettlebell snatches
Run up the stairs, jump over a wall, across a parking lot and around a light post, back over the wall, down 3 levels of stairs (almost a fifth mile)
40 KB squats
Repeat above run
30 KB push presses
Repeat run
20 KB squat presses
Repeat Run
10 KB headcutters
Final Run

Finished in 15:06...

Mean but great workout! My biggest problem was my quads from last nights run.

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