Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Running! More Pullups! More Pictures!

Saturday! I finally tossed the fence posts in the holes and cemented them in, and I now have an outdoor pullup bar! Hooray! I like it a lot. So much that I took a few pictures of them while cementing and attaching the bar.

Yeah we did a good job! I'm excited we got it in!

Monday Night I decided I wanted to run to  Patsy's mine because I didn't get to see it when we went up to Flag rock last week. It's about a half mile down the mountain by trail, or just two big jumps straight down. Nice little cave, but since I was up there, I decided to run up to Flag Rock. Mean! Now I need to sign up for the race that's Saturday morning and see how I do in a 'competition!'

Why did I come up here again??

Yay dirty car window reflection pics!

After getting back, eating dinner, and watching the awesome American Ninja Warrior Finals, Stage 1, I decided to really put some use to my pullup bar.

THAT's what I call 'real use'?!

That's good enough right? No way! I attached my olympic rings I got for Christmas but haven't really had a good WHERE to use them - and practiced some ring L-sits, some Australian Pull ups (which seem to work my last AWESOME when done on rings)

And I even did a few very-ugly muscle-ups. It's funny, but pretty much any time my beautiful wife is watching me I can't do muscle-ups well at ALL. If she's not around I can get up a couple of times in a decent fashion. Still need to work on smoothness and consistency of motion. I think the real problem is I always try to show her when I'm a bit tired! Need to work on that!

Muscle-up Accomplished!

All this has turned me into a zombie! BRAINS!
Tuesday night (which feels like I should say 'Tonight' but really it's already Wednesday morning so I can't say that anymore!) we had Running night scheduled with the family. Mueller Park! That really is a great trail if you can avoid all the bikers. Not too easy, but not too hard. Challenging but by the end on the way back down you feel pretty dang good. We didn't go all the way to Elephant rock, making it 4.8ish miles with the extra trails I ran to not get TOO far ahead of the others.

The best thing of these family running nights is the opportunity to sometimes run with my amazing wife. She is getting SO much stronger, SO fit and SO amazing. She's always been strong and amazing, but this FITness is fantastic! I also love taking pictures of our fun runs and hearing people comment on how happy and fit and fun we look. We do have fun. You can too!

Next up? Leveling out the area below the pull up bar, adding a 3rd shorter post and bar so the kids can have a reachable area (and I can use it for various other exercises). THEN I'm going to add a 4th pole on the other side and hopefully I can figure out a good way to put an American Ninja warrior style SALMON LADDER there! So many possibilities!

Also Thursday I'm going to go running with a neighbor who wants to get into Running more. I'm going to take him on the Legacy parkway trail or Lagoon Trail (depending on the heat - probably Lagoon will be the better option). Eventually he'd like to be more familiar with all the awesome trails up in the mountains. Starting straight off up there can be a bit daunting! We're supposed to be 'running' right? Well how come I'm so weak and slow on this hill?? :)

I'm still pretty slow on most hills!!

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