Monday, July 2, 2012

Post Ragnar Crossfit and Running

Since Ragnar I've been running 4 times outside and one time in a Crossfit class, I've gone to Crossfit 2 times, and Yoga a few times. With all the fires running outside has been interesting, and HOT! Wow it has been a hot couple of weeks!

On Friday we had a crazy 3 person-team workout, where we split the workout amongst the team however we felt. The goal was to strategize so you get it done as fast as you can.
3 Mile run
100 Pull ups
200 Push ups
300 V-ups
400 KB Snatches

One of our team is a BEAST with weights and he hates running (although he did the Ragnar and loved that) so the team captain (awesome girl) and I split the run. I ran my 1.5 miles in a blistering 10:06... I was very happy with that! Then I did 80 KB snatches, thought for sure pullups and pushups wouldn't be a problem for me but DANG, that run wore. me. out! So I only ended up doing 10 pullups (at least for the time, I did about 20 more later) and 25 pushups, but I DID do 135 v-ups so I did make a good contribution to the team. We finished with a time of 24:36 (+/- 10ish seconds) the next team came in at 30 minutes. So our strategy worked out great. Have the two runners do the 3 miles in a decent time, and have the muscle man bust out the reps.

Today we did Fight Gone Bad again (last February was my first experience with this), modified with an extra minute and an extra workout! And my abs were still VERY sore from Friday's workout! This is why I normally only do Crossfit on Fridays. RECOVERY!
6 minute rounds (Each exercise AMRAP in 1 minute), 1 minute rest, repeated 3 times (This is the order I did it in):
KB Snatch (45 lb KB)
Wall Ball (16 lb Ball)
Box Jumps (24" box)
Push Press (90 or 70 lb)
Crossfit Situps

I ended up with 244 total reps, although my partner who was counting for me was a bit more strict than I was on what counts as a rep... so I think I was more like 250-275 :) Still one of the lower numbers in the class, which doesn't make me very happy.

Oh well.

In the end it was still a very good workout that I'll feel in the morning for sure! And that's what REALLY matters, right?

I've taken some fun pictures of runs and climbing up on rocks and peacock pose that I'll find and put up here later. Right now I've got too much to do, so I'll hopefully do a picture-only post soon!

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