Saturday, July 28, 2012

Speed Goat and almost 10,000 Feet Up!

Family Reunion today up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Also happened to be the Speedgoat 50k over in Little Cottonwood Canyon being run by a bunch of the most elite ultra-runners in the world! So my dad and a couple of my brothers and a niece drove down to catch the finish. Pretty cool!

I was able to get a few pictures of some of the top runners coming in, it was cool to see Kilian Jornet and Anton Krupicka in person!

Hey this shirt doesn't belong at this event!

First Place Kilian Jornet

Second: Ricky Gates

Third: Max King

Fourth: Anton Krupicka
Me'n Krupicka... I'm so lame

It was cool to see such amazing Athletes doing their thing and finishing this race!

Unfortunately it took us forever to get back to the Reunion so we weren't there for lunch (especially helping with it)

We had discussed going on a run in the morning before most of the Reunion stuff started, but with kids... that doesn't happen. I thought I was running late but we were one of the first families there! ANYWAY finally at about 3:45 we decided we could fit the planned 8-10 mile run in before dinner and the Evening program that I was in charge of with my brother.

My dad decided to come along.

That messed up our timing plans! We made it about halfway and realized that this was going to take a long time, and we were already LATE for the 6 o'clock program we were in charge of AND we'd missed helping with dinner again. So Matt and I left directions for my dad, my brother and brother-in-law, and we took off to finish the run.

I ended up with almost 11 miles - a lot of it at ALMOST 10k elevation!

I hope I'll get some of the pictures others got on this run, like me doing Mayurasana on a cool square rock of granite-type rock that was just in the middle of the road at the top of a peak, and cresting another hill... but for now here's one of me at about mile 4.5 almost 9900 elevation.
Gorgeous views on this trail!

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