Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trail Running, Yoga, Climbing and BJJ Are Still Awesome

With the installation of a climbing wall at work, they needed to have safety trainings and waiver signings and all that legal stuff so that people could use and enjoy climbing and do it safely.

Because of our convention that wall sat there unused for a couple of weeks. I was sad for the wall. Because I've become friends with our Wellness staff and am willing to help out, they asked if I would take part in the training. So with a few coworkers the climbing company that installed the wall trained us on what we needed to know to keep our employees safe. And really... it's pretty simple stuff. I really think you would have to be really clueless to get seriously injured on this climbing wall. The auto-belay device is pretty simple to use, and while a bit scary before you get used to the "free fall" it allows before catching you (it really isn't a free fall, but it almost feels like it for a second!) - it is quite safe as long as you are under 330 pounds. Then with a partner belaying you - as long as that person is paying attention it is very safe - there is a extra loop and loose knot at the top that majorly slows down any descent, and then the grigri locking device is very slow as well. Honestly it's too slow for my tastes, but it is very safe - and that's what a corporate gym needs if it wants to stay around, right? More injuries = more costs = NO GYM. So safety is good. Same reason while I don't like the no-shirtless-workouts rule, I understand that it makes sense for a corporate workout facility so that they can continue operating said facility and avoid complaints/lawsuits/etc. Ugh. Our litigious and finger-pointing society is a pain sometimes.

I have really enjoyed conducting these climbing safety trainings this week. I've only done 3 trainings, but it's nice to see people figuring out that they can DO it, and they can enjoy it. Plus I've been able to use my harness and my climbing shoes a lot! Not quite as much actual climbing as I might like, but I'll get there.

The new Yoga teacher has had some great classes. I haven't learned much new yet, but that isn't the point right now. I'm feeling the challenge and growth from the simple stuff, and I need that right now.

Tuesday night we had our weekly running night - we went up to Mueller Park again and even though I was feeling like I was not quite recovered from whatever cold/flu hit me last weekend, I pushed the pace a bit for the first mile, then about a mile and a quarter I slowed and let my brother pass me - partially to see if I could see my younger cousin who had never been on that trail before, and partially because I was TIRED! He was back with my brother in law behind some bikes Matt and I had just passed, I didn't wait long because I didn't want to lose the good momentum! Kept up and had Matt in view ahead of me for the next mile or so, then lost him a little over a half mile from the top. Doh! Reached the benches just above Elephant rock feeling pretty good, then almost collapsed with a GUSHING of fluid from my eyes, nose, mouth - CRAZY! It was seriously like the remaining sickies decided they needed to get out FAST. Rested for a few minutes fighting off more horseflies than normal until Ben (bro-in-law) and Nate (15 yr old cousin - ah the powers of youth HA!) made it to the top. Then we turned around and headed back down!
Normally Matt and I kick off pretty fast, and while we weren't exactly SLOW, we were significantly slower than normal the first couple of miles down because we let Ben and Nate go first. In Ben's defense, he bikes 20+ miles to work (then back for even more!) a lot, and he had biked a lot the day before so he was pretty fatigued. When we reached the pipeline scar there was a decent sized group of Crossfit-type people who had just reached their 'top' of run, so we ran through them to continue on down. OF COURSE with an audience like that and me in back, I stepped on a perfectly placed rock and slid ever-so-gracefully down right in the middle of them all. I was laughing pretty hard and popped back up real quick (with a little help from the group in trying to catch me actually) and kept running. About a half mile to a mile later - I was still in the back of our little group with Matt right in front of me, going fairly slow still, when 2 of the Crossfit group passed us "We're racing our group! Excuse us!".  I'm not very competitive but when 2 guys run past and I could probably beat them in a race... I gotta at least try! Matt apparently had the same thought so he passed Nate and then Ben and took off, I held back a while and got Nate to speed up for a little while (I don't think he wanted me to pass him) but finally said "Nate I'm going to have to pass you now" and took off, passed Ben, and ALMOST caught up to Matt a few times, but not quite. I also almost fell again right near the bottom. It was getting pretty dark under the trees so I'm glad I didn't kill myself! It was a lot of fun to let go like that at the end. Ended up with just under 7 miles - about 36.5 minutes up, and 25 down! Great run!

Today I was able to make it back to BJJ again - we worked on some chokes and arm bars from mount. Coughed a bunch because my throat was a bit overly tender, and I tweaked my elbow a little while the other guy was trying an Americana.... not sure why because on the other arm it didn't tweak that at all. Weird. Leverage. Huh. ANYWAY, I was glad to get back into it!

Grr I hope this elbow doesn't hurt for too long...

I'm really looking forward to Yoga, Climbing AND Crossfit tomorrow! It's going to be fantastic!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Mudder Training!

Met up with my friend J for another Tough Mudder training workout yesterday morning.

We started out with a warmup of 5 pullups, 5 pushups, 5 step ups and 5 dips for 3 rounds.

Next part was the animal part of the workout - a 20 yrd "Animal Run" followed by one of the six different monkey bars at the school playground where we were working out.
Bear Crawl with the Uneven Monkeybars
Frog Jump with the climbing monkeybars (most like the ones in Tough Mudder)
Crab Walk with the circular monkeybars
Gazelle Jumps or Bounders with the Rings
Spiderman or lizard Crawl with some more regular monkeybars
Monster Walk or Sidesquat walk with some curving monkeybars

That sequence sure tore at hand callouses! Fun to do though.

Now for the main part of the workout - this picture was taken after the first round, which was really done in 3:58.3 not 2:58.

1. The first person starts (A) with the Sandbag sequence, Lift the sandbag, squat, Press the sandbag lunge left, lunge right.
2. Pass the Sandbag (60-65 lbs btw) to second person (B) who runs the sandbag about 25 yards to the sled and places the sandbag on the sled.
3. A pulls the sled the 25 yards back to himself
4. B runs the 12 lb sledgehammer back to A
5. A Hammers the tire 10 rounds each hand, so 20
6. B flips the tire the 25 yards back to where the sled started
7. A carries the Sandbag (and the sled rope) to B
8. B starts with #1 and repeat through 7 which finishes 1 full round

Awesome workout! Our first round was 3:58.3, the second was almost exactly the same. Which is how we realized that when we wrote 2:58 we were wrong, because there is no way we were a full minute slower. Our final 3rd round we completed in 3:42.9 - nice improvement!

We finished off with a farmer's carry of two 35 lb kettle bells for about 70 yards. Each person took 3 turns walking it that far. (or a bit more)

Awesome workout - a few hours later I crashed for a nap, then I woke up hardly able to move. Busy couple of days!
Today I still feel a bit sick and sore, but not too horrible.

I'm looking forward to doing some good climbing and climbing safety training over the next few days!

Friday, August 24, 2012

10 Days With No Posts?

What is the world coming to?

Oh yeah...

International Convention.

20 Year Anniversary Convention.

Free Ipads. (Sweet!)

Actually one of the better conventions I've been to for a number of reasons.

Working in the "Fitness Zone" helping people stretch out and relax and even get a quick tough workout in? Awesome. Throwing in some mean workouts with the other 'trainers' like myself? Fantastic! (and it got me a lot of Fitocracy Points!) Ipad 2's for all Employees and Distributors? WOW! I had to wait to get mine until after the convention - but hey - I've got one now!

Like I said, loads of reasons. 
But the number ONE reason that made this better than all other conventions for me?

I'm healthier and more fit than I've ever been. I didn't feel like a zombie! Normally after the first day I feel the craving for BRAINS as it were... but I didn't feel that way at all even on Saturday afternoon!

THAT is a fantastic feeling!

Anyway if you want to see most of what I did in the Fitness Zone at convention - it's up on my Fitocracy Profile. I'm not sure if you have to be a member to see that. LOTS of bicep curls, TONS of foam rolling, and a whole bunch of other random things :) It was a lot of fun.

My work has a climbing wall! I was able to take part in the "Trainer Training" course this week, so next week I will be training between 10 and 20 people on how to wear the harness, how to tie a figure-8 knot, how to tie in for climbing, how to belay (using a grigri), and how to climb! I'm excited to climb more, and actually use my shoes and harness that I got years ago but never had the chance to use too much.

Tuesday had a  4 mile run on the BST - It has been a while since I ran that portion of the BST, it was nice to run it with my brother and younger cousin. It's amazing what the power of Youth can do... running with young kids like that reminds me that I'm getting old. I'm more than twice his age! Crazy! I can still beat him in speed and overall stamina, but he does good on those hills!

Here are some pictures of the fun, including the little RATTLESNAKE that was trying to warm up in the cooling night air on the trail. Yeah you can't really see him in the picture but I promise he was there!

Rattlesnake!!! Somewhere in the middle left...

Crossfit Time!

Holy moly that was nuts!
15 KB Swings, .1 mile Run, 10 KB Swings, Run , 5 KB Swings, Run
10 KB Goblet Squat/Pushups, 7 GobSquats/Pushups, 5 GobSquats/Pushups
5 Right arm KB Swing, 5 right arm KB Press, 5 left arm KB Swing, 5 left arm KB Press - 3 sets

2 KB Snatch, 2 KB Rack Squat Right arm, 2 KB Snatch, 2 KB Rack Squat Left arm
Run up 3 Parking structure levels, across the top of the structure, jump over a wall, around a light post, back across and down the stairs (about .2 miles each time)
Repeat for 4, 6, 8, 10 reps on the Snatches and Squats, with running in between and at the end. Timed.

I finished in 12:21, I was probably 3rd or 4th finished overall. I'm pretty happy, especially since I was a bit late and ended up with a 40 lb KB instead of the 35 I normally use!

FINALLY we finished up with PISTOL Squats. I have NEVER been able to do one of these fully - and BAM after a few falls/balance issues I did 20 on each leg!! BOOM. Yeah I felt awesome. I love accomplishing stuff like that!!

Yoga Update!
So we have a new Yoga Teacher/Fitness-Wellness Intern at work who is starting new Yoga classes. I decided I should try out her class along with the other teachers Tues Class to see which ones I could fit into my schedule. I did Yoga Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AND this morning!
The new intern also was in the Fitness Zone at Convention, and she was the main push behind some of our crazy interval workouts we did. Her yoga classes are fantastic, and they really add that little bit of challenge to the common and even simple poses that just seems to be missing for me from the other classes that have been happening. The other Teacher does a good job - I really can't complain. But there is just something missing from those...

I know for sure I really like the Friday morning classes, especially since now I can follow them with 30-40 minutes of Climbing Wall climbing before starting Friday work!

Now I have to rest up for a Tough Mudder workout in the morning!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Swimming, Cahoots, and Starting Convention!

Friday was the last day I had off for my little Anniversary vacation - and my in-laws had invited us to go swimming. I met my amazing wife at a pool... so we've always loved pools. But it's amazing to me how often we HAVEN'T gone to the pool.

Another thing that is amazing, especially after watching the amazing swimmers at the olympics, is that I really don't know how to swim well. I can swim. I can't swim well!


I apparently can't make a good towel turban either. Too bad really...

Good workout swimming - I should do more of it, and actually learn how to do it properly!

Saturday was Cahoots Duo Challenge!
The idea behind this race is that you cannot complete the challenges without a partner.

We decided to dress up, and we had to make a flag, so we both decided to have capes and leave one at the end. Introducing Team Wild Wild Williams!

Not sure why we didn't just stick with Mud Pirates... because we are still Mud Pirates... I mean look at our logos and everything. We look awesome!

A friend of mine said on Facebook, "How is it that you actually look cool dressing like a dork?" 

Practice, my friend... lots of practice!

So anyways, GREAT concept for a race. Unfortunately things didn't start out so well. We got to the base of Parley's Canyon to hit (luckily) the tail end of a parking lot. They were blasting in the quarry at the base of the canyon so they stopped traffic in both directions. When things got moving again, all the slow trucks were clogging the left two lanes, and ALL the other cars were trying to pass them on the left, so it took a while to get moving.

Finally made it up to Soldier Hollow about 35 minutes before our start time, they asked that you be there 45-60 minutes early for waiver signing and packet pickup, but due to the parking lot in the canyon (which is the major route up to the event) even people in the heat before ours were still in the waiver line. Yikes. So chaos ensued, people didn't manage the lines very well, and lots of grumbling was heard. We finally made it through and walked to the starting line. "Ten-thirty wave?" "Yep!" "Alright GO!" and that was it. Without the milling and excitement and tons of people ready to start, instead just the two of us arriving at the line and told to start running, it really put a damper on the 'fun' feeling of the race.

We still had fun - we are pretty good at having fun all the time. But it just changed the feeling a bit. Then some of the obstacles had some lines (over 50 minutes for the zipline... hopefully there are some pics of us from the official photogs cuz we couldn't really get any while we did that one!)

The obstacles were fun. I would like to have a good 13-14 foot wall to practice on :)

Allrighty on to the pics!

We had a lot of fun. I think this event will improve over time. this was just their 2nd time ever event, and the first time in this location. Looking forward to the fun at the Dirty Dash next month and the (hopefully) CHALLENGE of the Tough Mudder in October!

Tonight I ran up the canyon again with my brother. Just over 5 miles, keeping a fairly similar pace up and down (13 up and 7 down again) as the last time I ran up there!

For the rest of the week it is my company's International Convention! BUSY time, lots of standing and craziness. THIS year however, I get to be in the Stretching Area of the store. THAT means I get to help people relax and stretch out and even get a little workout in. There are some curl barbells and some aerobic weight-sticks, so I'm going to be pumping out a whole bunch of random arm and upper body workouts while waiting - we'll see what kind of results (and what kind of Fitocracy points!) I'll get at the end of the week!

See doesn't that look FUN! And FIT!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

11th Anniversary and another Backyard HIIT


Today I'll just toss in my Fitocracy workout of the day and add pictures and comments throughout! Woohoo for laziness!

WarlordBlade tracked a workout for 1,176 pts:
  • L-Sit: (earlier in the day)
    • 15 sec (+10 pts)
    • 31 sec (+21 pts)
    • 15 sec (+10 pts)
    • These are L-sits off the ground using Push-up handles
  • Other Dancing: Trying to make my 2 year old happy dancing to Youtube vids!
    • 0:10:00 || Moderate (+20 pts)
  • Jump Squat (Toyotas):
    • 15 reps (+11 pts)
  • Muscle-Up:
    • 6 reps (+193 pts) 6 in a row!! They are still a bit sloppy but I'm getting better!
  • The next exercises were part of a HIIT workout in our backyard. Initially we thought there were going to be more people, but it just ended up being me, my beautiful wife, and my brother-in-law Ben.
  • Warmup:
  • Push-Up:
    • 10 reps (+15 pts)
  • Body Weight Squat:
    • 20 reps (+13 pts)
  • Step/Kick-Throughs: (On fours knees off the ground, shoot one leg through to the opposite side, lifting the opposite hand)
    • 20 reps (+6 pts) - I had a hip problem pop up while doing these that is still hurting... not sure where it came from!
  • Jumping Jacks:
    • 50 jumping jacks (+15 pts)
  • Running:
    • 0:06:36.5 || 1 mi || 6:33.3 min/mi (+144 pts)
  • WORKOUT - 1 minute at each exercise - continue after one run through if desired (I did some extra for pictures!)
  • Body Weight Inverted Row (Let Me Ups):
    • 32 reps (+51 pts)
    • 20 reps (+32 pts)
  • Jump Rope:
    • 0:01:00 (+5 pts) (167 rotations)
    • 0:01:00 (+5 pts) (30 more)
  • Double Under Jump Rope:
    • 0:01:00 (+6 pts) (10 Double Unders)
  • Pull-Up:
    • 20 reps (+119 pts)
  • Chin-Up:
    • 10 reps (+63 pts)
  • Box Jumps:
    • 21 jumps || 28 in (+84 pts)
    • 10 jumps || 28 in (+34 pts)
  •   Kettlebell Headcutters: (Not in fitocracy so I did something close)
    • 35 lb x 15 reps (+50 pts)
    • 35 lb x 5 reps (+37 pts)
  • Tire Flip:
    • 100 lb x 22 reps (+52 pts)
    • 100 lb x 10 reps (+46 pts)
  • KB Walking Lunges:
    • 35 lb x 32 reps (+89 pts)
  • Burpee:
    • 11 reps (+24 pts)
  • Finally due to my aching hip and knee (weird) I did some foam rolling and stretching - and will continue to do so!
  • Foam Rolling:
    • 10:00 (+18 pts)
  • Stretching:
    • 0:15:00 (+3 pts)
Great day off - I'm looking forward to another one tomorrow, we get to go swimming at my in-laws house! Then Saturday is CAHOOTS! Hopefully my hip and knee aren't bothering me by then. Strangely other than the kick-throughs, my hip didn't really bother me. My knee hurt a bit on the run but otherwise I felt great.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fitocracy and the BST

So last weekend I decided to join Fitocracy. Fun place to track workouts, get points, level up, etc. It's kind of like playing a game, but to get points you have to work out! To get badges and complete quests you have to complete certain workouts or exercises in a certain time frame. There are all sorts of crazy quests that force you to go outside your comfort zone and do workouts you might not otherwise do. Like today I completed the 'Park Ranger' quest which is:

Blaze a few trails, kick up some dirt, and leave a set of footprints behind you. Find a nice outdoor path to run, and have a good little stretch afterwards. Complete this quest in one day's workout.
  • Go Trail Running for at least 30 minutes
  • Breathe in some fresh air and stretch for at least 10 minutes after your run.

Wait a minute... That's not outside of my comfort zone at ALL! I have done some other workouts that I haven't done in a while just to complete quests though. Find the right ways to motivate yourself, and you'll get stuff done. Now to apply that to home improvements and work projects!! (I'm actually working on that)

If you want to join me sign up here! That way I get credit for you joining and if 10 people join I get a free month of "Hero" which... uh.. Well I have no idea what that actually does, but it normally costs like 5 bucks a month. Upgraded membership basically. I'm already level 10! Go me!

So Sunday I did a bunch of pullups to complete the Monkeying Around Quest (worth 300 pts; Perform a set of the following: 10 Pull Ups, 10 Chin Ups, 10 Parallel Grip Pull Ups, 5 Wide Grip Pull Ups) by doing 10 of each instead of the 5 Wide grip. Normally I don't work out on Sundays, but I wanted to complete that Quest!! 

Yesterday I decided I'd do the "As Seen on TV!" Quest but did more than some of the requirements. It's been a while since I've done some of these pretty normal workouts! (some of it I did earlier at work too)
  • Chin-Up: 15 reps (+108 pts)
  • L-Sit Chin-Up: 10 reps (+82 pts)
  • Jumping Jacks: 100 jumping jacks (+30 pts) 2nd set, 100 jumping jacks (+30 pts)
  • Crunch: 50 reps (+25 pts)
  • Push-Up: 50 reps (+75 pts)
  • Plank: 125 sec (+43 pts)
  • Bicycle (abs): 50 reps (+20 pts)
  • Body Weight Squat: 100 reps (+65 pts)
  • Body Weight Lunge: 20 reps (+24 pts) 
Today I had a decent yoga class at work. I'm looking forward to the new Intern's classes she is starting up in a few weeks. I'm also strangely looking forward to working in the Stretching Area at our International Convention. I'll be helping people stretch and do some easy workouts to help them get through the craziness of sitting and listening to long convention speeches and walking around getting to all the different presentations. Conventions cause all sorts of tightness.

This evening was running night. Had a great 5 mile run along the Bonneville Shoreline trail. At the last half mile I saw we would be able to stay under 50 minutes total (and that included a five minute break halfway where we stood around before turning back) so I started booking it, causing my brother (who usually sets our pace) and brother in law to speed up as well. We got as low as 5:32 min/mile for a bit, and averaged well below 7 per mile for that last half mile! And we made it. Definitely felt good to pull that speed off at the end even though I started off feeling quite tired.

You really can't tell.. but this sunset was fabulous

The running crew

Tomorrow is my anniversary! 11 years married to the most beautiful woman. Amazing how this past year especially has really been a FIT one... although I've gotta say I always feel like I fit with her, it's just that this fitness fits even better!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Crazy To Run That After Yesterday!

So I figured I'd be pretty sore today - but I still wanted to do something more than yard work or house repairs today. (Finally climbed up on the roof replacing some flashing that flew off in a windstorm a while - HOT and tiring, but DONE!)

After a while watching the Olympics I decided I wanted to go for a run. An easy run because my legs are tired and sore from yesterday's Crossfit workout.

5.5 miles up and down a canyon later... YIKES! My legs are really beat now! A slow but decent 13 min/mile up and a 7 min/mile average down for a total average of 10.5 min/mile. I'm pretty happy with that considering how my legs are. Felt good, got some sun (and you'll see in a minute how PASTY I am still) and had a good run. Definitely need to stretch and roll my quads out some more so I can actually WALK tomorrow!

I did some muscle-ups and pull ups on the bar today as well. Yay! I was feeling weird the other day and was bummed that I couldn't even get a bad muscle-up. Did 4 or 5 today total throughout the day. Getting better, but definitely have work to do.

After my run I had Kakes take a 'progress picture' for me. Here's the difference from last year:

May 2011 August 2012

See I TOLD you I was super pasty still! :)
Like I mentioned with the post on Wednesday, I am quite pleased with my progress. In my Bodyspace on I have this goal
"Be physically able to do what I want when I want to with no restrictions!"
And I am HAPPY to say I am quite close to where I want to be with that. The best thing about that goal is it is ongoing. I missed out on the crazy Bairgutsman this morning - but I know I want to do it and now I can prepare to DESTROY that race next year! I want to do more Yoga, I want to Climb more - and I know I am physically able to do that now! It's a great feeling.

And I really don't mind being ridiculously sore to get there. More reasons to request massage-time from my hot wife!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Crossfit

If I were doing the Bairgutsman tomorrow I definitely wouldn't have done crossfit today!!

15 pushups
20 air squats
20 step throughs
20 more pushups
One more I can't remember (all the participants chose a warmup exercise)

1 lap around parking structure (about 1/5 mile)
1 kb snatch, 1 kb rack squat with the right arm
2 kb snatches, 2 kb rack squats with left arm
continue switching arms and going up 3, 4, 5, etc until 20
Finish with 1 more lap around parking structure.

I finished in 41:06, about 45 seconds behind the 2 fastest guys (one of which was the trainer) and 1 minute behind the overall fastest girl Jenna, who may have just passed the other two ladies who are normally my goal to beat. She beat me both times we did "The Executive" too! Tough girls! Awesome.

The trainer thought we would finish this pretty quick... but as he was doing it with us he quickly realized that wasn't going to be the case! Good workout, those squats killed my legs. The snatches got my arms (especially forearms) big time, but they seem to be more recovered already. I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Patsy's Mine and BJJ again finally!

Finally made it back to BJJ again! I really want to continue that if possible, because it always takes too long to remember it and really drill the moves into my head.

Today we worked on some Armbars from the guard, along with some escapes into armbars if they try to prevent the escapes. Pretty cool! I think my right elbow is going to be sore tomorrow though.

This evening my beautiful wife and I had the chance to go on a run together! We were going to do Davis Creek since it has been a while, but we decided instead to run to Patsy's mine since Kakes has never been there.

Just over 3 miles, nice little run! I think if we'd had time I would have tried for a few more miles, but overall I'm happy. We had fun, and we went a ways into the mine. Last time I was there I barely went in because I was all alone (safety first kids), but today we took a minute to go in a ways. The cool air felt great! We went in quite a ways and then when I mentioned I may have heard something Kakes took off out the cave so we were done.

Fun times! We took some fun pictures too!

And now I must be off to bed. More sleep is a goal I need to stick to!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5 Years Ago and Now

5 Years ago we had an amazing family reunion at an amazing place. I'm looking at pictures and wishing I could go again. Awesome Pirates Cove. It's amazing how different we would 'play' there today vs. five years ago. We did have 2 small boys but still... we were LAZY.

Check out the difference:

We look amazing! :) More importantly, we FEEL amazing and have a lot more fun enjoying LIFE.