Saturday, August 4, 2012

Crazy To Run That After Yesterday!

So I figured I'd be pretty sore today - but I still wanted to do something more than yard work or house repairs today. (Finally climbed up on the roof replacing some flashing that flew off in a windstorm a while - HOT and tiring, but DONE!)

After a while watching the Olympics I decided I wanted to go for a run. An easy run because my legs are tired and sore from yesterday's Crossfit workout.

5.5 miles up and down a canyon later... YIKES! My legs are really beat now! A slow but decent 13 min/mile up and a 7 min/mile average down for a total average of 10.5 min/mile. I'm pretty happy with that considering how my legs are. Felt good, got some sun (and you'll see in a minute how PASTY I am still) and had a good run. Definitely need to stretch and roll my quads out some more so I can actually WALK tomorrow!

I did some muscle-ups and pull ups on the bar today as well. Yay! I was feeling weird the other day and was bummed that I couldn't even get a bad muscle-up. Did 4 or 5 today total throughout the day. Getting better, but definitely have work to do.

After my run I had Kakes take a 'progress picture' for me. Here's the difference from last year:

May 2011 August 2012

See I TOLD you I was super pasty still! :)
Like I mentioned with the post on Wednesday, I am quite pleased with my progress. In my Bodyspace on I have this goal
"Be physically able to do what I want when I want to with no restrictions!"
And I am HAPPY to say I am quite close to where I want to be with that. The best thing about that goal is it is ongoing. I missed out on the crazy Bairgutsman this morning - but I know I want to do it and now I can prepare to DESTROY that race next year! I want to do more Yoga, I want to Climb more - and I know I am physically able to do that now! It's a great feeling.

And I really don't mind being ridiculously sore to get there. More reasons to request massage-time from my hot wife!

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