Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Mudder Training!

Met up with my friend J for another Tough Mudder training workout yesterday morning.

We started out with a warmup of 5 pullups, 5 pushups, 5 step ups and 5 dips for 3 rounds.

Next part was the animal part of the workout - a 20 yrd "Animal Run" followed by one of the six different monkey bars at the school playground where we were working out.
Bear Crawl with the Uneven Monkeybars
Frog Jump with the climbing monkeybars (most like the ones in Tough Mudder)
Crab Walk with the circular monkeybars
Gazelle Jumps or Bounders with the Rings
Spiderman or lizard Crawl with some more regular monkeybars
Monster Walk or Sidesquat walk with some curving monkeybars

That sequence sure tore at hand callouses! Fun to do though.

Now for the main part of the workout - this picture was taken after the first round, which was really done in 3:58.3 not 2:58.

1. The first person starts (A) with the Sandbag sequence, Lift the sandbag, squat, Press the sandbag lunge left, lunge right.
2. Pass the Sandbag (60-65 lbs btw) to second person (B) who runs the sandbag about 25 yards to the sled and places the sandbag on the sled.
3. A pulls the sled the 25 yards back to himself
4. B runs the 12 lb sledgehammer back to A
5. A Hammers the tire 10 rounds each hand, so 20
6. B flips the tire the 25 yards back to where the sled started
7. A carries the Sandbag (and the sled rope) to B
8. B starts with #1 and repeat through 7 which finishes 1 full round

Awesome workout! Our first round was 3:58.3, the second was almost exactly the same. Which is how we realized that when we wrote 2:58 we were wrong, because there is no way we were a full minute slower. Our final 3rd round we completed in 3:42.9 - nice improvement!

We finished off with a farmer's carry of two 35 lb kettle bells for about 70 yards. Each person took 3 turns walking it that far. (or a bit more)

Awesome workout - a few hours later I crashed for a nap, then I woke up hardly able to move. Busy couple of days!
Today I still feel a bit sick and sore, but not too horrible.

I'm looking forward to doing some good climbing and climbing safety training over the next few days!

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