Thursday, August 2, 2012

Patsy's Mine and BJJ again finally!

Finally made it back to BJJ again! I really want to continue that if possible, because it always takes too long to remember it and really drill the moves into my head.

Today we worked on some Armbars from the guard, along with some escapes into armbars if they try to prevent the escapes. Pretty cool! I think my right elbow is going to be sore tomorrow though.

This evening my beautiful wife and I had the chance to go on a run together! We were going to do Davis Creek since it has been a while, but we decided instead to run to Patsy's mine since Kakes has never been there.

Just over 3 miles, nice little run! I think if we'd had time I would have tried for a few more miles, but overall I'm happy. We had fun, and we went a ways into the mine. Last time I was there I barely went in because I was all alone (safety first kids), but today we took a minute to go in a ways. The cool air felt great! We went in quite a ways and then when I mentioned I may have heard something Kakes took off out the cave so we were done.

Fun times! We took some fun pictures too!

And now I must be off to bed. More sleep is a goal I need to stick to!

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