Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Swimming, Cahoots, and Starting Convention!

Friday was the last day I had off for my little Anniversary vacation - and my in-laws had invited us to go swimming. I met my amazing wife at a pool... so we've always loved pools. But it's amazing to me how often we HAVEN'T gone to the pool.

Another thing that is amazing, especially after watching the amazing swimmers at the olympics, is that I really don't know how to swim well. I can swim. I can't swim well!


I apparently can't make a good towel turban either. Too bad really...

Good workout swimming - I should do more of it, and actually learn how to do it properly!

Saturday was Cahoots Duo Challenge!
The idea behind this race is that you cannot complete the challenges without a partner.

We decided to dress up, and we had to make a flag, so we both decided to have capes and leave one at the end. Introducing Team Wild Wild Williams!

Not sure why we didn't just stick with Mud Pirates... because we are still Mud Pirates... I mean look at our logos and everything. We look awesome!

A friend of mine said on Facebook, "How is it that you actually look cool dressing like a dork?" 

Practice, my friend... lots of practice!

So anyways, GREAT concept for a race. Unfortunately things didn't start out so well. We got to the base of Parley's Canyon to hit (luckily) the tail end of a parking lot. They were blasting in the quarry at the base of the canyon so they stopped traffic in both directions. When things got moving again, all the slow trucks were clogging the left two lanes, and ALL the other cars were trying to pass them on the left, so it took a while to get moving.

Finally made it up to Soldier Hollow about 35 minutes before our start time, they asked that you be there 45-60 minutes early for waiver signing and packet pickup, but due to the parking lot in the canyon (which is the major route up to the event) even people in the heat before ours were still in the waiver line. Yikes. So chaos ensued, people didn't manage the lines very well, and lots of grumbling was heard. We finally made it through and walked to the starting line. "Ten-thirty wave?" "Yep!" "Alright GO!" and that was it. Without the milling and excitement and tons of people ready to start, instead just the two of us arriving at the line and told to start running, it really put a damper on the 'fun' feeling of the race.

We still had fun - we are pretty good at having fun all the time. But it just changed the feeling a bit. Then some of the obstacles had some lines (over 50 minutes for the zipline... hopefully there are some pics of us from the official photogs cuz we couldn't really get any while we did that one!)

The obstacles were fun. I would like to have a good 13-14 foot wall to practice on :)

Allrighty on to the pics!

We had a lot of fun. I think this event will improve over time. this was just their 2nd time ever event, and the first time in this location. Looking forward to the fun at the Dirty Dash next month and the (hopefully) CHALLENGE of the Tough Mudder in October!

Tonight I ran up the canyon again with my brother. Just over 5 miles, keeping a fairly similar pace up and down (13 up and 7 down again) as the last time I ran up there!

For the rest of the week it is my company's International Convention! BUSY time, lots of standing and craziness. THIS year however, I get to be in the Stretching Area of the store. THAT means I get to help people relax and stretch out and even get a little workout in. There are some curl barbells and some aerobic weight-sticks, so I'm going to be pumping out a whole bunch of random arm and upper body workouts while waiting - we'll see what kind of results (and what kind of Fitocracy points!) I'll get at the end of the week!

See doesn't that look FUN! And FIT!

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