Saturday, September 1, 2012

Are you asking me for a Backyard HIIT CHALLENGE!?!?!

Yoga was fantastic yesterday morning - and we are starting to get a lot more people to come out to the classes! It helps to have a new teacher, new times, and more awareness for sure. It was really funny though, I was running a tiny bit late, but when I walked in there were 4 guys (not including me!!) lined up on mats to do yoga and NO WOMEN!! Then 3 ladies showed up.

Next up - Climbing! I enjoy climbing a lot. I've always known that. For some reason I've always been apprehensive about asking somebody with equipment and stuff if I could tag along... Not sure why. I still haven't done that. BUT I'm pretty good with indoor stuff and everything, so I like training people on the safety requirements of my work's new climbing wall. Especially when some of the people I train are friends that will NOT try working out in other ways. Even better when after the training they go "Hey, I could do this kind of exercise! That was fun!"

I couldn't go to Crossfit yesterday because I got really busy with a work issue. This particular project has been a lot slower than we've wanted, but it's FINALLY getting momentum and should be good.

It was all right that I missed the crossfit class though, because we had a lot of fun last night doing a Backyard HIIT with my sister!

Kakes put together this great workout for us, she's amazing. And also extremely hot.
I mean she is really really really good looking. I'm a very lucky man!

Warmed up with an 8 round tabata -
Football sprints for 20 seconds, pushups for 10 seconds - 4 minutes total.
Great warmup, I made myself do 10 pushups every time. By the end I was actually doing 10 faster than the 10 seconds.

Then we started the workout:
30 KB Swings (35 lb Kettle bell)
20 Weighted Reverse Lunges (2 25 lb plates)
1 minute Double-unders Jump rope
50 Medicine Ball tosses with a partner (17 lb ball)
1 min max pull-ups (I did 2 sets, 1 set of 10 regular pullups and 1 set of 10 semi-close-grip chinups)
20 each side tire slams (16 lb sledgehammer)
50 chair dips (I'm sore from this one!)
30 leg throws
20 Wall runs (These were VERY hard to do last!)

Loads of fun and sweaty-ness!
Blurry Picture time!!

Medicine Ball Throws!



Wall Runs!!!!

Even the kids got into it!!!!!
Life is good folks. Don't let it pass you by!

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