Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Dirty Dash!

Friday morning I made it to the early morning Yoga class. Afterwards I had a nice meditative climb on the climbing wall using the auto belay.

I REALLY like Friday mornings because of those 2 opportunities.

Throwing in Crossfit Friday afternoon is normally a nice cherry on top, (although really a strawberry would be better, yum!) but because the instructor wasn't in and I had a busy work load, I didn't do anything in the afternoon. Plus I didn't want to be too dead for Saturday!!

In June we ran the Dirty Dash and had some awesome pictures taken by my younger brother. We entered those pics into a Facebook contest and both of us won entries to the Fall Dirty Dash.

Saturday was the fall Dirty Dash!

We made it up with enough time to try to win a free stay at a really posh hotel in a Wheelbarrow race, came in close second. We might have been able to win but our camera was banging around all over the place and we broke the strap. Whoops!

We took off at a good pace and got ahead of the crowd (our 10:20 wave was the largest wave with LOTS of people!) and finished the entire 5.5ish mile course in just over an hour and a half! Not too shabby! Now normally you don't do this for speed, but since we were a small team of two, we still had fun and pushed ourselves.

Yes... it was a blast! Next time we do one though, we will FORCE some people to do it with us. We definitely have a lot of fun with just the two of us - but we would love to share it with a bigger group and go crazy!

Oh... and I didn't wear socks with my shoes... bad idea:
OUCH! Ugly feet too! Double OUCH!
I'm hoping to be mostly healed for the Zions trip the day after tomorrow!! Today it still hurts to walk with  my feet covered...

The Dirty Dash was the second to last planned race of the year! All that's left is the TOUGH MUDDER in two and a half weeks!

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