Thursday, September 27, 2012

Recovery and Zion's Prep

Last weekend sure was busy!
After the Dirty Dash we had TWO gatherings to attend that evening, so there wasn't much rest or recovery that night!

Sunday was more relaxing, and I slept A LOT.

Monday I decided to see how yoga would affect my feet, and it was fine, which made me happy. I hate feeling fantastic but not be able to do something because of a small injury you don't want to get worse. The Yoga class was great - I'm still not sure why I have no problem with a tripod headstand but I still have issues with the normal yoga headstand with forearms on the ground around the head. Weird.

Seems to be that wearing shoes bugged my feet most, so even BJJ on Tuesday didn't bug my feet!
In BJJ it was just me and Mat-Time, so we did some new stuff on what to do when you end up in Turtle. I missed the last class, so I was glad that the video was finally put up - but the bad thing about being the only person there is that there is no video to help remind me what we did! We did a simple escape from Turtle (up to hands and knees, Elbow up and twist them off) we also did some submissions while your opponent is turtle-ing. Interesting stuff... hopefully I can see a list of what we did so I can remember more!
Tuesday night I was really frustrated at feeling fine, but not being able to go running. Stupid feet.
I really want to be all right for the Zion's expedition this weekend!

Wednesday was really busy - and with all the busy-ness I wasn't sure if Yoga would happen at work, it DID, but I didn't make it. This week was a free week at Infusion so I took advantage and went to a Detox Power Yoga class. Interesting to take it from a teacher that substituted for a class we took last year - she's definitely improved as a teacher! Great tough class that made me wake up sore today!

Today BJJ was canceled due to a slight cold going 'round... so I'll have to come up with something later.

Tomorrow we head to Southern Utah. Saturday we will be hiking somewhere in Zion National Park - something I've wanted to do for a long time. I've been to Zion's before, but I was a younger teen, so I'm looking forward to this!

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  1. It is nice that even in injury you are doing yoga safely. Safety is more important.