Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rest Days?!

Wednesday's Yoga class at work is always harder than normal because my work team goes out to eat for lunch every Wednesday. As part of our Primal lifestyle... if I eat out, I basically get steak or ribs or something like that (YUM what a horrible diet ha!) so that heaviness really makes Yoga more difficult!
That night I decided I needed to go on a run since it has been a while since I've hit the trails and I felt like I needed it - so I went up to the Davis Creek trail. Some idiot took a dirt-bike up there and it really tore up the trail. Annoying how people can ruin things for others. That area is Private property has been closed up and cracked down because of dirt bikes going where they aren't supposed to go. I would hate to lose such a hard trail. I ran up to Little/Pretty Valley and back in 30 minutes. About 20 minutes up and 10 minutes back. That is a hard trail! Luckily I DO know the family that owns that land, so I could probably work something out with them if I needed. Still... be considerate of others people!!

Thursday was the first event in our work Olympics that I was taking part in. PLANK!

I made it almost 9 minutes before my hips and lower back started hurting - if it weren't for that pain I probably could have gone a bit longer. My hips have been an issue lately - I need to strengthen them or figure out what is wrong with them. Anyway, I ended up in 5th place with that time, the winners went 18 minutes! Crazy. 

Thursday I went to BJJ class again, 2 times in one week! I think I'll definitely retain more if I can continue to go 2 times and have the video as a refresher
Here's the video:

There were some really fun moves to learn!

Friday is normally a pretty busy day for me in my fitness schedule. Early morning Yoga that is just awesome followed by a half hour of playing around on a climbing wall? What could be better?  Oh yeah, throw in some crazy Crossfit to finish off the day and WOW I feel great and tired.
Unfortunately THIS Friday I worked at home so my amazing wife could attend an Essential Oil convention, so I missed those workouts, and considering all the craziness and large amounts of working out, I thought a rest day or two would help. My Yoga teacher especially has been trying to get me to rest a bit more...

Yikes... that didn't work. I felt HORRIBLE on Friday, and then Saturday too! I finally made myself try some pull ups and muscle ups that I could barely do. Resting can be good, but I don't think my body was ready for it this time. Weird.

Anyway I got some good sleep today after feeling crappy this morning, and I'm feeling a bit better.

Hopefully that will continue this week and into the weekend - Dirty Dash weekend again!!

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