Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturdays are for PAIN!

Okay so I haven't had the workout of the day yet, but I'm already in pain from the rest of the week!

It's been a great week! So this is a LONG post!

Last Saturday we had a very busy day so I only got in some pullups and curls... at least I got something in!

Monday was Labor Day and we took it easy for most of the day - then in the evening we went to my Aunt's house for a barbecue - and had a quick HIIT workout for those who wanted to do it! We had a bunch of people it was nice!
Here's the workout:

Pushup x10
Air Squat x20
Lap around yard
- Repeat for 2 times

Jump Rope
Shovel Glove
Medicine Ball Throw and Chase
Tire Flip
KB Swing
Ab Wheel Rollouts
Chair Dips
1 minute interval – very short break to move between exercises

Normally you'd repeat for a few rounds... but we had a bunch of people sitting around watching us waiting to eat... so we just did one round. Still a decent quick 15 minute or so workout!!

One advantage to people that didn't do it - More Pictures!


Tuesday we ran around a wilderness park, trying to see if it was a good place to practice some of the awesome freerunning/parkour workouts from DemonDrills (Check out the intermediate and advanced playlists too!!) Had fun playing Tag with the wife and kids and running around on the little trails!

Wednesday I climbed on the climbing wall for a half hour in the morning, went to an awesome and tough Yoga class after lunch (and a big lunch from WingNutz made it more difficult!). Practiced some Wall handstands too - getting closer!

Thursday took it relatively easy - went to BJJ at work and we videoed it! So here's a long video - if you skip to the end (right after the credits) you can see me NOT getting the moves I'm trying to learn... Slow brain that day or something!

So yeah... That catches us up to but does not include YESTERDAY.

Yesterday was crazy. So I'll post about that later today after we do our crazy Tough Mudder training workout!!

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