Saturday, September 8, 2012

Yoga, Climbing, Crossfit, Trail Running, Mudder Training CRAZY!




And even after all that I could STILL do muscle-ups at the peak of exhaustion! WOOT.  (I did 3 today after our Tough Mudder workout AND last night after our trail run)

I think I can consider that goal COMPLETE.

Warning folks, this is a long post with probably too many pictures!

SO. Yesterday.

Fantastic early morning yoga class with the awesome new yoga teacher/wellness intern followed by a solid half hour climbing on the wall. I used chalk this time to avoid the chafed hands I had on Wednesday, but I climbed fast and went up and across and back down and all over that wall a lot, so by the time I was done - I had some painful spots on my fingers that may turn into climbing callouses. Also I need to get a chalk ball to put into my chalk bag - just loose chalk is a bit harder to rub in properly.

That wall is already not very hard for me... but I can still get a dang good workout in and I love it!

Work got busy - but I still felt like I needed to go to Crossfit.

Warmed up with a half mile run (the route would be included in our workout) and some double kettlebell cleans, squats and presses, since that is also what we were doing for the workout. I had 2 35 lb kettle bells for the workout. When we were done with that, we started the workout, to finish for time:
Run .5 miles
Double Kettlebell Clean, DKB Squat, DKB Press 10 times
5 burpees
DKB CSP 8 times, 5 burpees, 6 KB, 5 b, 4 KB, 5b, 2 KB, 5 burpees
Run .5 miles

I finished 2nd out of everybody in a time of 14:32, the next person came in just before 15.

After the main workout we had 2 more workouts, the first being Russian Twists with a kettle bell - 20 seconds on, 10 second rest, 8 rounds. Yikes! The first 4 or 5 rounds I was all right, then 35 lbs was tough!

We finished off the workout with about 20 yards of Handstand Walks. I still can't even do a normal handstand, let alone walking on my hands! So I kicked up and pedaled my hands a few times and came down until I made it across. Now that I've completed me muscle-ups goal (though I will definitely continue to improve on them!) Handstand might just be my next major one.

So that was a crazy good amount of working out for one day right?

WRONG! Okay, so yeah, really you were right, because that is most definitely a crazy good amount of workouts, but I wasn't done yet.

I hadn't gone running up in the mountains all week! That's horrible! So my sister came over and watched the kids while the most lovely Kakes and I went for a run. 3.5 miles up Farmington Canyon, we kept a 17 minute pace, which was great for the way I was feeling, and we got some good pictures!
And we all know that's really what's important right?!

Definitely the pictures!!

Man... how many times can I pose the same way in one post?! (the answer according to this post is FOUR... wow)

So after that crazy day (worth 2040 points on Fitocracy, woohoo!) I was tired. Exhausted.

And of course excited to see what punishment could be dished out by my friend Justin today in our Tough Mudder workout!!

Unfortunately only Justin and I were there from the team, AGAIN. But I DID bring my sexy arm candy so she could experience the pain "ABSOLUTE FUN" of our trainings.

Yum! Arm Candy! Mmmm
Our workout today (which incorporated a few of the same things we did 2 weeks ago) consisted of 3 15 minute sections:
Warmup/Round 1:
Run for 2 minutes
Bear Walk for 1 minute
Monkey Bars!
Crab Walk
Run (sheesh is there some sick pattern here or what?!)
Monkey Bars!!
Walking lunges (my nemesis!)
Round 2:
Run 2 minutes (wait more?!)
Tire Flip 1 minute
Run (Most definitely more!)
Sandbag (70#) lift (clean, clean & press, whatever)
Jump Rope
Dip Walk
Round 3:
Farmer Carry 2 minutes
Burpees 1 minute (yay no more running)
Sled pull (sandbag in sled)
Jump angle sprint (Broad jump forward, Sprint to the side and forward for about 10 yards, repeat)
Medicine Ball throw and chase (17# ball - split the tape some need to fix it!)
Goblet squat (20# kb)
Agility Ball throw and catch - mean little sucker bounced all over the place - fun!
and Box Jumps.

Awesome workout. My shoulder hurts. I think it is from yesterday's handstand walking attempts. Or the falling.

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