Saturday, October 6, 2012

Getting Stronger!

Getting stronger is great. No I'm not really talking about the Rocky Training montage although that's pretty great too... But I mean really feeling like there is improvement and growth in many areas of fitness.

It's fantastic!

Yesterday while waiting to start Crossfit I looked at the Incline Bench Machine and the weight was set to 235 lbs. I figured I'd give it a shot just for fun, and it was EASY. 3 reps and I didn't do more just because I was talking to some people. Now I'm not saying I can bench 235 - I have no idea. I haven't bench pressed in years due to a recurring shoulder issue and last time I did it was 180 or so. Still - I don't think I could have done the machine at 235.

Then Crossfit yesterday was tough - but not TOO tough, and even though I'm sore today, I think I was more capable in completing the workout than I have been.


This morning I met up with some Mudder team mates (one other guy showed up so it wasn't just Justin and I!) and we did the same relay workout we did back in August. With 3 people we did it a total of 4 times each so everybody got a fair turn. It was a COLD morning but it warmed up once the sun came up. One more week until we get to be up at a similar time, hopefully a bit warmer, and starting into our 10 mile Tough Mudder adventure!

If you haven't noticed, I'm quite excited!

I won't recap the workout - it was basically the same as last time with only a couple differences. If you really want to see you can check out my entry on Fitocracy.

I got a couple pictures of me doing the Sled Pull and Tire Slams too!

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