Friday, October 12, 2012

Mudder Tomorrow!!!

Today is going WAAAAAYYYY too slowly!

In reality though... today hasn't been to bad. I'm finally feeling better from whatever funky sickness has attacked us, and I'm in a REALLY good mood.

This morning I had a great yoga class and THEN a very nice but quick session on the climbing wall. It has been a few which is more than too long! I like Climbing A LOT. I like Yoga a lot as well, and I think there is a lot of similarities in how it makes me feel. Kind of a meditative way to accomplish something that makes me feel good, even if it is just clambering around and up and down a not-too-difficult climbing wall for 20 minutes after a cleansing breathing yoga session.

Just awesome.

Even though I've been sick this week - I've felt ALMOST okay, so I've tried pushing through and doing some stuff.

Monday was Yoga with some added L-sit Chin-Ups and L-Sit Parallel Grip Pull-ups

Tuesday had a great BJJ class where we learned some Guard passes and Omoplata from the guard and escapes from that. Also did some Muscle-ups - my hitch in the left shoulder at the switch from pull to push is ALMOST gone when I'm fresh, so that is an improvement!

Wednesday more yoga, more muscle-ups, and toes-to-bar.

Thursday (yesterday) I did absolutely nothing. Well I tried foam rolling my back because it was hurting, but that didn't even help all that much. Throat was horribly sore and painful, so I skipped on BJJ Practice (Micah is having back surgery so we might do classes somewhat differently - practice more instead of learning new)

SUPER excited about tomorrow. I need to rest this evening. Yoga and climbing this morning was fine - but I'd like to feel great to do my best on the course tomorrow. My main goal is to conquer most of the obstacles without assistance - We'll see how I do.

One I'm thinking I might need assistance on is Everest - which I also might get assistance whether I want it or not!

I'll give a full report!

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