Friday, October 5, 2012

Yay Finally made it back to Crossfit!

This week has been pretty crazy.
First week of October and I've already had more running miles than last month!
Monday I wasn't feeling great - some sort of cold hit me after the awesomeness of the weekend.

I felt like I needed SOMETHING to try to break through the funk. So I went on a run on the BST from just above the neighborhood where I grew up to a big flood-debri catcher thing that looks like it should be on Jurassic Park holding back the Raptors. Seriously. Crazy.
Watch out for Dinosaurs!
5.37 Miles - decent pace - SOO many gnats and allergy issues at the end that I had to rush to the sink and douse my head and eyes with cold water they were stinging so bad.

The gnats weren't stinging - they were just everywhere, it wasn't nice at all! I think they didn't want to eat the rest of this:
That was a BIG Hoof too!

Tuesday felt a little better, but not great, still a lot more cold-like symptoms than I liked. Ended up having a running night with ITLeesha and UMBro - just Kakes and Matt and I ran. I took it really easy and it was a nice just over 4 mile jaunt up on a Northern part of the BST up to Adam's Canyon. Beautiful fall colors - and it felt good to just be doing something but taking it easy in the beautiful fall outdoors.
Wednesday had a great Yoga for Strength class at work. That was pretty much it, other than chopping off my crazy loads of hair. See look at my awesome haircut!!
NO I didn't keep it like this sheesh (unfortunate I know!)

Thursday in BJJ we moved the mats from where they've been in all the videos back out to the yoga room. Tweaked my neck a bit carrying the mats on my back with my head bowed forward. Learned some good Passing Guard and breaking Guard techniques, along with some Butterfly Guard stuff.

I also impressed some people with some quick L-sit Pullups after BJJ... This one gruff Bosnian fella I worked with back in the day was really effusive in his praise. Honestly I think anybody can do that with a little dedication. Seriously I love the L-sit Pullups and Chinups, they add some very nice difficulty to the moves - but they aren't anywhere near as hard as a muscle-up!

Friday, Today - Went to work early for the 7:30 yoga class which was fantastic. Opened me up for a fantastic day... then I went back to my desk and FROZE because of the crazy AC.
I was going to climb too (and was interested in seeing how my feet wounds from Dirty Dash would handle it!) but the person with the keys was a bit late, so by the time she got there it was time for me to get to my desk.

I was really looking forward to Crossfit - I needed to get some blood flowing in my body it had all STOPPED from freezing. Went down and saw what the workout was.

So started with a warmup of each of those moves 5 times (I did 10 pushups and 15 squats for warmup just because) with whatever weight you were planning on using. For KBs I had 35s, for Dumbbells I had 60 lb'ers (heavy!) and for the Sled I had 90 lbs on the carpet.

7 Double Kettlebell Clean and Jerk
Rack Walk with Both Kettlebells down the full basketball court and back
5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 air squats,
Push the sled down and back
10 Burpee Deadlifts - MEAN where you do the burpee with your pushup hands on the dumbbells, jump your feet inbetween, and deadlift them. Since I got a bit ahead on my second round I actually used 70 pounds for this part. But switched back to the 60s for the next part.
Farmer Carry down and back (about 200 ft for each of these carries)
REPEAT for AsManyRoundsAsPossible (AMRAP) in 30 minutes.

I got 4 rounds, and nobody got more than that so I'm pretty happy with it.

Now I get to work out another Tough Mudder workout in the morning! One more week!

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