Friday, November 9, 2012

Box Jumps and Snatches

A blog entry with no pictures is lame. I need to start adding random internet pictures or stuff from Tumblr or Pinterest if I have no pictures I've taken!!

Random Internet Picture! Unfortunately this is NOT me. Awesome Pose! I want to do this!

Yesterday's post had no pictures. Blah!

Woke up to Rain and Snow early this morning as I headed out to make it to Friday morning Yoga.
I haven't done yoga all week! It took me longer to get into yoga because I was feeling sluggish from the lack of yoga this week, along with the pain in my head and jaw from BJJ yesterday. Yoga really provides a balance and a base to me both physically and mentally. I really like doing it continuously. It was just me, the teacher, and Matt in yoga this morning. Matt is the Kung Fu guy who clocked me in the head yesterday too! I think that's kind of funny. He's a way nice guy, so I'm glad I don't get mad at people about stuff like that.

I had a jolly good time climbing this morning after yoga. One of our maintenance guys is taking some high level climbing classes and has had to create some routes - so he graded and created some new routes and marked them on the wall. The hardest one is a 5.9... which isn't that hard really... I'm still not familiar with the grades - but it was fun to go up the different routes multiple times. my forearms are pumped, which I guess is kind of bad since I was supposed to be practicing my 'sagging' while climbing (arms stretched long - butt sagging down - uses a lot less energy in your arms and allows for a greater leg range of motion). Definitely fatigued my forearms!

Those sore arms sure made Crossfit a piece of cake!

See below for my actual workout - adding the challenge round

Repeat this first sequence 3 times:
-1 lap around gym
-10 Wall Balls (15 lb medicine ball)
-10 KB Deadlifts (40 lb kb)
-1 set stairs (about 40 stairs up and down)
1 set of dragon crawls (kind of like spiderman crawls but a bit harder) across the gym and back
Repeat this second sequence twice:
-14 one arm KB Swings (7 each arm)
-Waiter Walk (KB Straight above your head across the gym and back - each arm)
Finish with
10 Tuck Jumps
5 Burpees

That was a tiring warmup.

(I elected to do the harder version and add a set of 50 at the top and bottom of the ladder, so mine looked like this)
50 KB Snatches, 10 Box Jumps (30-36" box)
40 KB Snatches, 20 Box Jumps
30 KB Snatches, 30 Box Jumps
20 KB Snatches, 40 Box Jumps
10 KB Snatches, 50 Box Jumps

I finished in 18:17ish - 3rd done. I'm fine with that!

THEN for an extra extra challenge (since adding a 50 set wasn't challenge enough - but that one was voluntary) we did walking lunges around the gym. It took me 72 lunges to get around the gym.

Like I often do lately, for fun I decided to do a couple muscle-ups after all that. I did 2 and decided that was plenty. Yay I can STILL do them even when REALLY fatigued!

After Crossfit the sweat always gets into my eyes and makes 'em look horrible, so I took a self-shot-locker room pic to show that AND because I knew I had to have at least one personal picture for this blog entry. I've NEVER done one of those locker-room self-pics before, ha!
Nice to see things continuing to improve - still so close on the abs... I'll get there!

Yeah... my eyes look awesome!
When I logged the workouts of today into Fitocracy I got over 2600 points! A ton of them came from Box Jumps. 1 set of 50 box jumps is worth more than an HOUR of Yoga. I think that is a bit weird... but it is nice to get lots of points.

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