Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pain Meds

Monday morning I woke up very early (and multiple times throughout the night) in pain.

Called the Dentist just after 7:00, knowing they'd be open.


"Would you like to come in at 8:00?"


Discovered I was in need of a root canal. "No big deal!" I says to myself. I've had a few Root Canals before and they were exactly that. Not a big deal.

I think those roots had died a much quicker and painless death than this root...

I haven't cried from PAIN as an adult that I can remember. I walked out to my car and called my beautiful wife, "I'm *SOB* hurt-*SOB*-ing real bad!"

What a wimp.

I laugh at myself about it now. Seriously. That was some serious PAIN though. The pain during and right after the Root Canal was about 5 times worse than it had been before the procedure. However THAT pain had been enough to keep me home all day Sunday!

And the strangest thing about it was if I stopped and thought about where the pain was that was keeping me from doing stuff - It was only in the upper right side of my head. Everywhere else felt fantastic, except that the PAIN HERE feeling took over. I guess I was a bit sore from the crazy Crossfit and running of Friday and Saturday, but it wasn't too bad.

I had the Dentist call in a prescription for some stronger relief after I got home from the Dentist. Ended up with the generic for Lortab, Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen. As long as I sat or lie down mostly holding still - it did a good job of removing the pain. But as soon as I got up to move around I'd practically pitch right over with no balance!

Needless to say I didn't do much on Monday! It's amazing how important Dental Health can be to overall health.

I wish I'd taken better care of my teeth as a kid.

Thankfully Tuesday the pain was already better than it had been on FRIDAY, so just some ibuprofen was sufficient. Not quite ready for BJJ so that didn't happen Tuesday.

Tuesday night I went on a night run with my brother. I told him "I'm still a little weird from the Lortab yesterday so I want to 'take it easy'" Then I went and ran 3.5 miles keeping under an 8 minute pace. Hee hee. We kept on the road from his house out and back - decent little run - I greatly prefer trails!

Wednesday had a group lunch with our VP so I missed Yoga as well!

Today I went and got kicked (well... kneed really) in the head during BJJ. So now my head hurts again! We had 2 new people today so we worked on the same thing in my very first lesson - Sit up sweeps, Sit up sweep to kimura, and sit up sweep to guillotine choke! It has been a while since I did the guillotine move - and I did NOT do it well. One of the new people has a decent amount of experience in Kung Fu - he studies Hsing-i/Xingyi at Sil Lum Kung Fu club that I actually looked at joining with my wife a few years back. If only we had more money! So with his Martial Arts defensive base he was a really strong defender and even did a good job lasting with Micah! So his defense was very good - but he didn't really do better against ME than he did against Micah, other than attaching his knee very solidly to my jaw there for a bit! :)

Earlier today I was able to learn a bit about 'sagging' in climbing - and I'm looking forward to practicing the new routes on the climbing wall tomorrow morning after yoga!!

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